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WOW!I've been spending untold hours every week exploring the Web for several years now, seeing some truly exceptional astrological sites along the way. Distinguished both by virtue of content (what you get) and execution (how it's delivered), websites of this sort offer a lot to any astrology-minded denizen of the Web. (And some of these sites aren't even astrological per se.) Beginning in September 1996, I started the Website Of the Week (WOW) award as a way of calling your attention to some of these notable creations. Here's a complete catalog of my weekly picks for 1996; or click on the year selection below for other archives. Each entry includes a hyperlink you can click on to get to either the site itself (by name) or the review of same (by date). Let me know if I've missed a favorite of yours - as long as it's not a sun sign site! (I don't link to such unless they treat the subject with appropriate satire.) For this week's award, click on the WOW logo on Astropro's home page - one click past the Astropro entry. For lots more sites, see Astropro's NetSelect Directory.

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SEP 2 - Metalog SEP 9 - The Matrix Space
SEP 16 - Astrodienst online SEP 23 - Astrolog
SEP 30 - Humorscope OCT 7 - Windows to the Universe
OCT 14 - Eclipse Home Page OCT 21 - Access: New Age
OCT 28 - Institute for Discovery Science NOV 4 - Oracle's Astrolog Chart
NOV 11 - NASA Comet Hale-Bopp Page NOV 18 - Yuk Yuk's Comedy Astrology
NOV 25 - Welcome To Planet Earth DEC 2 - Gary Kronk: Comet Hale-Bopp
DEC 9 - HORRORSCOPE DEC 16 - AdZe's Zine
DEC 23 - Astrology on the Net DEC 30 - Astro Horoscopes & Forecasts
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