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WOW!OCT 14, 1996 - Eclipse Home Page: NASA astronomer Fred Espenak's site is eclipse central on the Web. Features include maps showing where solar and lunar eclipses are visible plus a great deal more of interest to astrologers and non-astrologers alike. For example, there are NASA reports with fifty years worth of eclipse data (1986-2035), as well as thousand-year catalogs of solar and lunar eclipses (1501-2500). For all 1996-2020 solar eclipses, you get world maps detailing the eclipse's zone of visibility. Likewise for all 1996-2010 lunar eclipses. (Astrological tradition holds that an eclipse's zone of visibility is an important index to the regions on earth most directly linked to the eclipse's effects.)

There's plenty more to this site, including instructions on photographing eclipses, a special section on Comet Hale-Bopp and the 1997 total solar eclipse, and images of past eclipses. You can get lost exploring Eclipse Home Page, there's so much to discover. If he's anything like most astronomers, Fred Espenak might be a bit chagrined to think that astrologers would love his website. (What can I say Fred, we appreciate good work too . . . and we're ideologically tolerant for the most part.) Excellence has no ideology, and this site has no equal.

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