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WOW!NOV 4, 1996 - Oracle's Astrolog Chart is a must-see for the astrological novice. This attractive and quick-loading site lets you enter birth or event data and get a chart calculated and interpreted right online. You'll need to know the time (including time standard in hours from Greenwich), date, and place (including longitude and latitude) of birth for input. (There are links to help you with the geographic coordinates and time standards information.) What you get back - in a flash on a good Web day - is a "square wheel"-style horoscope plus an interpretation by sign, house and aspects for all the planets in the chart. (Minor planets included.) And a forecast too, if you want. This isn't fancy and it's a far cry from personal interaction with a skilled astrologer, but it's a good place to start if you don't know astrology from sun signs. And considering the price - free - it's really something of a minor miracle. Well done, Oracle!

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