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WOW!SEP 16, 1996 - Astrodienst online is Dr. Alois Treindl's contribution to the WWW, and the answer to the FAQ, "What's the latitude and longitude (and time zone standard) for x?" - where x is any city in the world. This attractive and very well-designed bilingual (English and German) website provides a fast and accurate database of some 200,000 cities and towns with geographic coordinates and time standard information. (The database incorporates the ACS American Atlas and World Atlas, with additions by Dr. Treindl.) While any top-line astrological program offers this feature, it's an extra-cost option that many buyers forego. Thanks to Astrodienst, you can have it anyway, at no charge.

Speaking of software, Astrodienst has that online too. Just enter the data (with coordinates and time info obtained on-site), and Astrodienst will calculate and display a horoscope for you in a flash. Again, free of charge.

All this free info is very much in the spirit of the Web, where generosity and a well-designed, attractive site entices lots of repeat visitors. Of course, Astrodienst has stuff to sell as well, and they provide a very complete and nicely illustrated catalog to guide you in ordering by mail: lots of reports and chart options, all prices quoted in Swiss francs.

A quick-loading, attractive site with lots of free and useful information plus details on good stuff to buy: that makes Astrodienst online a definite WOW!

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