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WOW!SEP 23, 1996 - Astrolog is your source for the free astrological calculation program of the same name, which is available in versions for Windows, DOS, Macintosh and Unix - even the complete source code, if you hanker for it. This is Walter Pullen's contribution to computerized astrology, and it makes for a website anyone who lacks astrology software just has to check out.

Astrolog the program does basic charts plus a whole lot more: biwheels, aspect grids (with midpoints), Gauquelin sector wheels, astro-locality maps and graphic ephemerides - to name only a representative sample of the program's capabilities. While this software is nowhere near as polished as the commercial stuff, well, you do get what you pay for.

The long and the short of it is that if you want a free astrology program with a built-in 8,000 year ephemeris, a program capable of doing most kinds of charts astrologers work with, then Astrolog fills the bill quite nicely. And its yours for the downloading straight from the Astrolog website. The price is right, the features are right, and Walter Pullen deserves a WOW! for making it available on the Web.

As websites go, Astrolog isn't fancy, but it is functional. It offers only one thing - a program - so it's not encyclopedic in the sense that earlier Website Of the Week picks have been. It doesn't need to be: Astrolog the website does what it does without equal.

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