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WOW!SEP 9, 1996 - The Matrix Space is one site not to be missed when it comes to astrology on the Web. Of course you'll find lots of info on Matrix's astrological software, which has been my personal favorite for years on account of its power, sophistication and ease of use - not to mention its state of the art graphical user interface. Plus there's an ample list of practicing astrologers and and a small but growing catalog of astrological websites (with hyperlinks of course).

One of my favorite features is the celebrity birth data file. You can search for a celebrity by name and get full birth data (date, place, and time too in many cases). With 20,000 entries, there's a lot to work with but the search engine is very fast. (I've got timed data on some celebrities for whom the Matrix database only has untimed data, so they could probably stand some updating.) Or you can type in a birthday to see who was born on that date. And check out their online astrological encyclopedia . . .

I've only just scratched the surface so far, but I can't neglect mentioning the attractive artwork and layout. It all comes together to make the Matrix Space a must-see website: lots of free and useful info generously offered and artistically displayed, this one is well worth a WOW!

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