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WOW!OCT 7, 1996 - Windows to the Universe is a glorious site to see, wonderfully crafted by the folks at the University of Michigan under a grant from NASA. (Your tax dollars at work!) Here your modem and connection will get a real work-out, because all the beautiful imagery you'll experience can take a long time to load. Get a cup of coffee and settle in, it's worth the wait. (Better make that decaf: patience and caffeine aren't exactly compatible.)

What you get for your time and trouble is a little tour of the universe, a bit of an education in astronomy and space science: goodies no self-respecting astrologer can do without, and anyone else can just enjoy for their own sake. This isn't rocket science, and you don't need a PhD to find your way around. The site offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, so you can pick your own route. Just don't pass this one by: there are beautiful celestial vistas, sections on mythology . . . something for anyone who gets even the least bit dazzled by the heavens. (Anyone who doesn't experience the afore-mentioned dazzle should maybe lighten up on the Prozac, or whatever.)

Please note: Windows to the Universe is a multimedia showcase. If your browser isn't stuffed to the gunwales with every plug-in there is, you're apt to be diverted to the appropriate dowload site to get whatever you happen to need (e.g. Macromedia Shockwave) in order to experience one portion or another of this site. Think of it as a nuisance, or think of it as a friendly reminder that change is the heart of everything. (And if you've already got all the goodies you'll need to make your way through this site, pat yourself on the back: you have sufficient native foresight to qualify as an instinctive astrologer.)

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