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  JUN 1 UPDATE Once again, I need to post some procedural items, before getting into the "As Above, So Below" stuff.

I am now totally overwhelmed with orders for personal astrological reports (natal, relationship, forecast); to the point that I cannot accept any more until about July 20. I have already been issuing full refunds on all new report orders received this month. I'm still accepting orders for my 2020 World Forecast, since these are simply a matter of order fulfillment from this end. (Old hands know that a lot of my personal time goes into the personal reports.) And of course Iím still taking personal consultation calls as usual. They pay the lionís share of the bills around here, after all.

On a related note, it will be a great timesaver for me to receive no more video links, requests to follow or like Facebook pages and groups, etc. I get so many of these that there just isn't time to check them out, so I'm now reduced to deleting them sight unseen. Please don't be offended: this isnít personal, itís just a matter of survival, as I cannot recover the time it takes to give these things due consideration.

Videos are particularly burdensome. Iíll watch to be entertained, but not to be educated or even just informed. Engage my mind with words, not images. Iím a speed reader and I donít have time to plod along at somebodyís speaking pace.

I apologize if any of the preceding seems repetitive. It is repetitive, but only because new people keep entering the discussion and havenít seen it before Ė or because old hands have forgotten my requests along these lines over the 24 years Iíve been doing this website.

Donald Trump Natal Chart Preliminaries aside, people keep asking when and how Trump is going down. I posed the question in my free August 2017 online forecast, "Is impeachment in Mr. Trumpís future too, under the same eclipse that brought Mr. Clinton to that impasse? Or will it be a 25th Amendment removal from office? Or something else? There are a lot of possibilities here; none of which bodes well for Mr. Trump."

Astrology goes back to an era when rulers didnít leave office for constitutional reasons, so there are less genteel possibilities in the picture here. The man is morbidly obese and has a heart condition, so it goes wilthout saying that his physical health could take him out of office at any time. His pugnacious Mars rising temperament makes him lots of enemies, which recently had him cowering in a White House bunker. The coup de grâce could take any number of forms.

As described on pages 10-13 in my 2018 World Forecast Highlights (published in 2017), "In the current highly polarized political atmosphere, half the US population (at least) are hoping that Mr. Trumpís removal from office is imminent. Not so fast! President Nixonís resignation occurred on August 9, 1974 Ė some two years and two months after the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. (And that was with the Democrats controlling Congress.)"

"Realpolitik suggests a couple of alternative outcomes. The quicker one is that the GOP power structure turns on the President, and turns him out via the 25th Amendment. The slower hinges on the Democratic Party regaining a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 mid-term election Ė which would put us on a timeline not unlike the Nixon-Watergate scenario." "By that reckoning," as I wrote in my 2019 World Forecast Highlights in 2018 (p.9) "a Trump ouster would be due not before mid-March 2019."

Look back on this history of 2018 and 2019, per my forecasts for those two years: the Democrats did win back the House in the 2018 mid-term election, and March 2019 brought the Mueller report, which was quashed by Trumpís handpicked Attorney General William Barr; despite its finding that Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the objective of electing Trump, and that the Trump administration obstructed justice by impeding the investigation of Russian interference in the election. Nine months later, Trump was indeed impeached by the House, but was shortly thereafter acquitted in the trial before the GOP controlled Senate.

As I wrote on page 10 of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights, "All things considered, I suspect that Mr. Trump ends up leaving office by some means other than impeachment in the House followed by conviction in the Senate. If ill health isnít the cause of his exit, then heís likely to follow a Nixonian path Ė resigning as part of a deal to avoid certain impeachment and conviction, in return for a pardon for himself and his adult children."

The 2020 election is now only five months away. Trump is known for fighting off every attack to the bitter end Ė before surrendering at the last moment in order to save himself as best he can. (Consider the many lawsuits he has lost, or settled at the eleventh hour; e.g. the Trump University fiasco.) Alternatively, he could throw the country Ė and indeed the world - into chaotic danger by means of a desperate "October Surprise" maneuver, "wagging the dog" with a disaster declaration, an attack on some hapless target of opportunity, or some other dastardly≠ deed.

  MAY 18 UPDATE Personal report orders are coming in at the rate of at least one a day now. This is unsustainable. If youíre thinking of ordering one, please consider waiting a week or two, so I can give it proper consideration.

Synodic Cycle of MarsIím getting inquiries from readers of my 2020 World Forecast Highlights about the upcoming (June 6, 2020 ĖFebruary 1, 2021) Mars Max cycle, the one that historically connects to notable "fires, crashes, clashes and explosions" Ė including major wars in the extreme case. (See pp. 21-26 for more on this.) The interaction of Earth, Mars and the Sun that defines this cycle is astronomical in scale, and planetary in scope. So donít think you can find yourself a hidey-hole that wonít feel the ramifications of a Red Planet rampage.

Still, an astro-locality map for the peak of Mars Max might point out some of the major fault lines for this close pass between Earth and Mars. The cycle only starts on June 6, grows stronger with Mars making its apparent retrograde station on September 9, and peaks when the Sun opposes Mars on October 13 at 23:25:46 UT. The Sun-Mars horizon arcs for the alignment run south-southwest through east central Canada and down through the US Midwest, the Mississippi River Valley and central Gulf of Mexico and Central America and the western coast of South America; crossing over the north pole, the arcs sweep down through Russia, Mongolia, China and Indochina. The longitudinal meridian arcs run through Russia and China in the eastern hemisphere, and from central Europe down through West Africa on the other side of the world. These wonít be the only places where Mars makes its mark, but they will be prominent when the toll is reckoned.

On the individual level, those of us born under a celestial emphasis around 20° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are likely to feel the tension in the air most strongly. (Check your chart Ė and watch your back while youíre at it.) This will be a time to anticipate and steer clear of conflict and danger as best you can. Preppers are well stocked for this.

OCT 13, 2020 Sun-Mars Opposition Astro-Locality Map Geopolitically, financial tailspins, a major debt crisis, non-payment of loans and bond defaults: these can be pretexts for war. Notice that the Sun-Mars opposition is in T-Square to the second coming of the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so an encore of the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated economic crash would not be out of place. This alignment also triggers the Venus-Saturn square to Jupiter in Donald Trumpís chart. Given that Mr. Trump was born with Mars on the ascendant - for Trump's natal chart and astro-locality Mars details, see the May 4 update below - and that Mars in his astro-locality map passes through Washington DC, China and North Korea Ė nations he has threatened frequently Ė we can be sure of rising international tensions as we approach the Mars Max peak. (It doesnít help that Neptune at the time is on his natal lunar eclipse moon, opposing the Sun-Uranus alignment.)

This is not a promising portent for his mental and physical health then; all during a time when heís bound to try and create an "October surprise" national emergency in order to secure his reelection or postpone the election altogether. And then thereís Vladimir Putin, whose natal chart is full of strong hits from the Mars Max peak; conjunct his entire Libra stellium (Sun-Saturn-Neptune-Mercury) and square Uranus.

One concerning thought regarding the 2020-2021 Mars Max peak occurred to me a couple years ago, when I referred to it on pp. 12-13 in my 2019 World Forecast Highlights (published in 2018):

"Incidentally, Iíll venture a guess that the first use of a high altitude nuclear detonation as an Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] weapon will come during a combined Mercury Max and Mars Max. Miscalculation or equipment failure will probably be a causal factor. 2020 looks vulnerable: Saturn and Pluto are conjunct early in the year, and within a few degrees of conjunction during the Mars Max and Mercury Max cycles in the fall.)"

Concerns about world financial stability are actually far more common than fears about the next brush with Armageddon, judging from my email and consultation calls. If you read pp. 8-9 in my 2020 World Forecast, you knew that the Venus Max cycle in advance that the financial paroxysm signaled by Januaryís Saturn-Pluto alignment would be mitigated somewhat by the beginning of the Venus Max cycle on March 24. (You knew it was coming and what to do to protect your portfolio if you read my world forecast (published last year, reiterated here in my March 23 update.) Check that table again. See where the cycle ends? Thatís as far as the mitigation goes.

  MAY 4 UPDATE A couple announcements if you please; before I get into the timely faux SuperMoon and real Mars Max stuff. First, as you no doubt have noticed, this update is running a few weeks late. The reason, in case you havenít guessed, is that my workload Ė always heavy - is crazy massive lately.

Due to the high volume of consultation calls and orders for personal reports and my 2020 World Forecast lately, I just cannot possibly keep up. Thatís why this update is late; itís why the customary 72-hour turnaround time for personal reports is now up to a week or more, and itís why clients tell me that they canít get through on the phone. Please bear in mind: I have several thousand clients out there, and thereís only one of me at this end. (Suggestion: once you and I have connected for a consultation, please wait another week before calling in again, to give someone else a chance.) I thank you for your patience.

The January 12 Saturn-Pluto alignment And then thereís the recent confusion over SuperMoon, which also takes time to clear up as best I can. This year, a few people have taken it upon themselves to start calling any full moon they fancy a SuperMoon. I created and defined the term over 40 years ago, and have furnished tables for all 20th and 21st Century SuperMoons in the last century.

Do not be misled: if you want to know about SuperMoons, go to the source. See, for example, pp 26-29 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights; and for a table of all 2020 SuperMoons, see the one below, originally published in my Astropro March 9 update.

MAR 9 17:49 FULL 19 VI 37
APR 8 02:36 FULL 18 LI 44
SEP 17 11:00 NEW (STEALTH) 25 VI 54
OCT 16 19:32 NEW (STEALTH) 23 LI 54
NOV 15 05:08 NEW (STEALTH) 23 SC 18

Donald Trump Natal Chart Bottom line: neither the February 8/9 full moon nor the one on May 7 is actually a SuperMoon. In point of fact, the one on May 7 occurs over a day (31 hours) AFTER perigee. No way thatís ďat or nearĒ perigee.

Speaking of my 2020 World Forecast Highlights (published last year), it remains a hot item. (Word of mouth, perhaps?) Here it is May already, and Iím still getting orders for the 2020 forecast; including the occasional request for a discount, because the year is almost half done. Itís a whole forecast, a written composition that covers a whole year. I donít offer it in bits and pieces. If you want a calendar you can tear a page off as you finish each month, my forecast is not for you.

I suspect that the financial collapse and pandemic I connected to the January 21 Saturn-Pluto alignment Ė see pp. 2-9 and 13 Ė have a lot to do with the continuing demand for the 2020 forecast. Another factor has just begun to develop, as word gets out about the 2020-2021 Mars Max cycle. This is another one of my innovations in astrology, focusing on the Earth-Sun-Mars relationship, including the Mars perigee Ė the closest approach of Earth to Mars, when the Red Planet is nearest to our home world, appearing biggest and brightest in our sky.

Iíve been working with Mars Max since the really big one back in the summer of 2003. What I have found is that Mars Max is a phenomenon that consistently shows up in the heavens when the tide of human violence surges to extraordinary levels. It loomed large and bright in the sky at the Valentineís Day Massacre, the start of World War II, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the start of the Korean War, the Suez Crisis, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the Gulf War, etc. (Not to mention the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie bombing, a kind of precursor to the 9/11 attack.)

We can look back to see what Mars Max has ushered into history, and look ahead to see when it will come again. But the best place to start is to look into the night sky, because you wonít find Mars Max in old school astrology books and references. Thatís because, like SuperMoon (a concept I defined and named on the pages of Dell Horoscope back in 1979), Mars Max is a new kind of astrology. Like SuperMoon, itís a concept I defined years ago, but it has deep roots in ancient astrology. It has been lost down through the ages, as astrology turned away from the night sky and into books and tradition.

Donald Trump Astro-Locality Map Look up in the sky to find the Red Planet during a Mars Max cycle Ė and particularly around the time of its peak, the Sun-Mars opposition that defines the Mars perigee Ė and youíll see Mars burning bigger and brighter than usual - roughly eight times bigger and brighter than it does when farthest from Earth. This increased Mars prominence in our sky coincides with an amplified presence of all things martial in human experience. ("As above, so below.") This isnít to say that humans are gentle lambs the rest of the time Ė far from it, as is clear from history and literature. But it is to say that, when the red orb of Ares burns brightly in the sky during the Mars Max cycle, everything martial is amplified in us.

The 9/11 attack, the German invasion of Poland that started World War II, Pearl Harbor: theyíre all obvious Mars Max manifestations. Warfare is integral to the astrology of Mars, which is why Roman mythology dubbed Mars the god of war. But war is only one end of the Mars spectrum of violence, which ranges all the way from the individual to the collective, from interpersonal squabbles to mass murder to terrorism to all-out warfare. Consider Columbine a case in point: the archetypal 1999 high school massacre took place within days of the April 24 peak of the 1999 Mars Max.

Thereís a lot more to Mars Max than I have time and space to detail here and now, including its connection to "fires, clashes, crashes and explosions," and how to determine when the cycle begins, peaks and ends. (See pp. 21-26 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights for a fuller treatment.) For the present, the important point is that Mars Max is now close at hand, for the first time since 2018. It starts on June 6 this year, peaks on October 13, and finally fades away on February 1, 2021.

I havenít time at the moment to flesh out what Mars Max portends for the rest of this year. If youíre impatient, feel free to read the above mentioned pages in my 2020 forecast. Meanwhile, be advised that Donald Trump was born under a lunar eclipse as Mars rose in the east. His astro-locality birth map shows that Mars horizon line running from his birthplace in New York through Washington DC, and across parts of the South China Sea, China, Taiwan and North Korea. More later . . . time permitting.

  APR 6 UPDATE Sit, AIBO, sit! Remember AIBO , the robot companion introduced by Sony in 1999? (Google is your friend.) AIBO was a "cyber dog" at first, but has since evolved into other form factors. Itís an expensive toy for computer nerds. Itís also an ironic prophecy about the finish line for the human race. Allow me to explain . . .

Iíve been writing for the last 15 years or so about the shift of human civilization to be ushered in by the air Trigonalis at the end of this year, which marks the arrival of the air sign series of what astrologers of old called the Great Chronocrator; the Time Lord, in other words.

The Great Chronocrator is a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn that occurs at 20 year intervals. (See my free online table of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions from 582 BCE to 2398 CE.) For approximately 180 years these alignments happen in the three signs of the same element. (Fire signs = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; earth signs = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; air signs = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; and water signs = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.)

Great Chronocrator Trigons 74-2219 CE
copyright 2019 by Richard Nolle, 2020 World Forecast Highlights (p. 10)
Fire Earth Air Water
1663 1842 2020 2219
868 1047 1226 1425
74 253 452 610

Itís a cycle through all four elements that takes some 800 years to complete, more or less. Since 1842, the Great Chronocrator has been happening in an unbroken sequence of signs in the earth element Ė with the sole exception of the 1980 interloper in the air sign Libra, after which the series reverted to the earth sign Taurus for its finale in the year 2000. Interlopers can occur near the end or beginning of a series of signs in the same element; but the following conjunction in the next element after an interloper establishes the new elemental series.

This year, for the first time in nearly 180 years, we leave the cycle of earth sign Chronocrators with the arrival of the Air Trigonalis Ė the beginning of the first air sign series of Chronocrators since 1226. (For more on the structure, sequence and significance of Great Chronocrators, see pp. 9-12 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights.)

The important and more or less immediate point of all this is, as I wrote in my 2020 World Forecast (p. 11):

"The time is now growing short for us to think once more about the unthinkable, to wrap our minds around the coming event that will (perhaps literally) blow our minds. Iím referring to whatís called the Technological Singularity, which is what happens when we humans create our own successors. Science fiction has explored the topic for decades, and Hollywood has spectacularly painted the pictures for us (e.g. James Cameronís Terminator movies). I've been describing for years now, in my World Forecast Highlights, how the period between the 1980 mutation Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (the first air interloper in the earth sign series of these alignments) and the 2020 Trigonalis (the first in an unbroken air sign series of the conjunction) marked a temporal watershed between eras that would be as different as the Industrial Revolution was from the agrarian civilization that preceded it. Arguably, the earth sign Chronocrator series and the corresponding Industrial Revolution define modern civilization. We're coming into the dawn of the next civilization: the Singularity approaches as under the aegis of the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction."

DEC 21, 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction "I promise you this. It won't be The Terminator: I'm looking not for a bang, but more of a long drawn-out whimper. This is one of the reasons Iíve been saying and writing for years now that there wonít be a full recovery from the so-called 'Great Recession" until the next Chronocrator arrives. This old world is obsolete, and the next one will be as unimaginable to us as iPhones and moonshots were to the peasant farmers of the 19th Century. Business as usual is coming to an end; the much ballyhooed 'New World Order' creeps in as of 2020."

"Matthew 26:11 had it wrong: the poor will not always be with us. Theyíll be the first to go. The poor have always been fodder for civilization. They do the grunt work, and get enough in return to keep them alive. When grunt work disappears, so will the grunts. Do you think an Artificial Intelligence as far advanced over us as we are over cattle will have any use for us? AI is amoral. If it calculates Ė as some scientists already have Ė that the optimum human population for Planet Earth is two billion, whatís to be done with the rest of us Ė the other six billion? Once itís smarter than we are, it will be beyond our ability to control. At that point we become nothing more than competition for scarce resources. (Fascists called them Ďuseless eaters.í)"

"Mind you, while the process as a whole is effectively born with the 2020 Chronocrator, it doesnít spring full grown from the brow of Zeus Ė any more than the Industrial Revolution was fully evolved in 1842. This is an historical process, one that takes generations to mature. Weíll be able to see it coming. But I donít think we could stop it, any more than our peasant forbears could have stopped the iron horse of the Industrial Revolution in its tracks."

So, whatís to become of us once our evolutionary successors take over? Maybe theyíll have zoos for us? Or maybe weíll be biological companions to our cybernetic masters Ė much like AIBOwas to humans in 1999? Relax, itís still a few generations away . . . maybe.

  MAR 30 UPDATE Iím getting lots of incoming from clients, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Astropro visitors about market developments and the viral pandemic. (See previous updates for the latter, because Iím focusing on the former now.) If you read pages 2-9 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights (published last year), the global financial paroxysm came as no surprise. In particular thereís the passage on page 7, for example:

"Considering the multiple megacycles melded into the January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, thereís no doubt that this will be a major turning point in the world. If all the Big Picture factors werenít sufficient evidence of this, consider the shorter term ancillaries at work here. The alignment is two days away from the January 10 penumbral lunar eclipse, and only one day from the Uranus direct station in Taurus. These are signals of short-term turbulence surrounding the Saturn-Pluto hookup, pointing to financial as well as political instability." (Incidentally, regarding the January 12 date of the Saturn-Pluto alignment, a BBC report dated April 2 put it this way: "On 12 January - less than three months ago - the coronavirus was confined to China. Not a single case had been found outside the country where it emerged. And then, on 13 Januay, the virus became a global problem.")

Facebook friends and Twitter followers got a heads-up on January 1: "Cashed out trading account yesterday. Now 100% cash. Still have equity stakes in investment account, for now." And last weekís Astropro update gave you an acute alert on March 23, about the "economic boost that starts within a few days of the March 24 watershed. Be ready to take your money and run back to the sidelines again, if youíre playing the markets." You saw it first in the forecast, and the next day in the markets. Iíve already had clients tell me that they nailed down a 20% or better return buying on the 23rd and selling a few days later. I hope youíre one!

APR 8, 2020 Full SuperMoon Meanwhile, the world around us isnít looking too strong. Remember, as I wrote in my 2020 Forecast (page 8), "This is not going to be some cataclysmic Mad Max hunker-down-in-your-bunker scenario: you wonít need Krugerrands, MREs, a 50 cal. and a flak jacket, but a cash stash and a well-stocked pantry wonít hurt." You know the platitudes: stay safe and healthy, practice social distancing and good hygiene, and letís hope for the best.

Looking ahead a little bit, keep an eye out for the last full SuperMoon of the year, on April 8 at 18° 43í Libra. This anchors a worldwide geophysical shock window that runs from the 5th through the 11th Ė replete with an increase in the number and intensity of strong storms (high winds and heavy precipitation), as well as extreme tidal evens, M5+ earthquakes and notable volcanic eruptions.

This particular SuperMoon occurs in a dynamic context, part of a T-Square to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, coincident with a Mars-Saturn alignment. This speaks to dynamic, explosive developments Ė geophysically and geopolitically at the macro end of the scale, and personally at the micro end of the scale.

Check your chart, while youíre at it. If, like Donald Trump, you were born with the degree of this SuperMoon prominent in the sky around you, give some thought to what challenges this could be emphasizing in your life in the days ahead. (The SuperMoon is conjunct his natal Jupiter, while Jupiter and Pluto oppose his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction and Neptune T-Squares his natal lunar eclipse.)

In closing, Iím still getting queries indicating that lots of people are unaware of the changes I have instituted over the past several months, regarding new client orders, personal reports, the free monthly forecast, etc. All of these things have been addressed in this yearís updates. If you havenít read them, please do so now Ė at least as far back as the January 27 number - so youíll be up to speed. Thanks!

  MAR 23 UPDATE A couple of Nolle hacks, if youíll permit me. I donít mean to sound curmudgeonly, but the simple truth is that my daily calendar is always full to avalanching at best. So I try to simplify things, the better to get as much done as possible in the time available. In my defense, I was born under a Capricorn Moon rising, squaring the midheaven; and a Sun-Saturn opposition (with Saturn trining my Moon). That said, hereís the deal:

First, the best way NOT to get in touch with me is via Facebook Messenger. I find it clumsy, intrusive and relatively incapable, and so I use it only very rarely. I do make exceptions. You already know if youíre one - in which case, we've probably known each other for at least 30 years.

Second, I feel the same way about videos as a means of communication. Iím a speed reader; generally, I see a paragraph at a time Ė often more, depending on the size of the page or screen and font, and the density of the material. For me, watching a video is slow and tedious. Typically, I have more urgent and/or better things to do with my time. Before Iíll watch a video, Iíll read the transcript. Again, I do make exceptions Ė entertainment, for example - but only rarely.

Preliminaries aside, hereís a particularly timely personal request. Please be advised that my calendar is now so jammed up that, until May 1, I can accept no new clients and no personal report orders. For the present, Iím still taking personal consultation calls and 2020 World Forecast Highlights orders from clients old and new. Seriously, in these uncertain times, a good portion of my consultation calls are answered in my world forecast. I recommend it.

For example, thereís the current combination of a global pandemic and economic meltdown. No surprise, if you read pages 2-9 and 13 in your copy of my 2020 World Forecast Highlights, published last year. How big a deal is this? World historic, actually. What comes next? Read the forecast, please.

We wonít be getting through this in 2020, although it will ease up a bit by summer Ė before the next shoe drops. Meanwhile, we need to get through this month. Weíre coming into a temporary turning point between the March 24 onset of Venus Max (see pages 7-8 and 35 in my 2020 forecast) and end of Mercury Max (see pages 9, 16, 17-20 and 29-30), and Saturnís Aquarius ingress on March 22 and its alignment with Mars on the 31st; all capped off by the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of April 5.

MAR 31, 2020 Mars-Saturn Conjunction Add up all the above, and you get a mixed bag. The onset of Venus Max is typically a harbinger of better economic and financial conditions Ė and the Jupiter-Pluto alignment speaks to an injection of liquidity that complements it. But the best these two celestial turning points can muster is mitigation, in the wake of the January Saturn-Pluto alignment and its part in Justinianís T-Square Sky Train, and in the shadow of the coming Fire Trigonalis. (See pages 1, 4-6 and 12-15.)

Remember, this is far from just a really newsy year. It is, as I wrote in my 2020 World Forecast (pages 1-2), a confluence of "world-historic themes Ė the Great Sky Train unfolding from the 2006 'reincarnation' of Emperor Justinianís T-Square - including first Saturn and then Jupiter (three times, no less) aligning with an ultra-Pluto . . . also the Time Lord Trigonalis putting in an appearance for the first time since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Add them all up, and you get a celestial time stream that stretches from the dawn of the Roman Empire through its collapse (and the dawn of the classical Dark Ages), through the current ascendancy of fascism and the birth of a new Dark Age, and beyond, well into the 23rd Century."

More immediately, the March 24 new moon combines with Mercuryís maximum west elongation that same day (the end point of Mercury Max) to up the ante not only for increased storm and seismic activity (including M5+ quakes and volcanic eruptions), but also solar weather storms. Youíll see the latter in auroral activity and geomagnetic storms (Kp5 and higher), communication breakdowns, infrastructure disruptions and the like. This particular shock window extends from March 21 through the 27th. Back up, be prepared.

And then thereís the final full SuperMoon of the year on April 8 Ė although the latter date anchors a typical SuperMoon storm and seismic shock window (April 5-11) that muddies the water around that time. (See pages 26-29 in my 2020 forecast.) This will likely put a cap on the economic boost that starts within a few days of the March 24 watershed. Be ready to take your money and run back to the sidelines again, if youíre playing the markets.

Thatís it for now, Iím off to the gym again. No worries, itís just down the hall from my office: Iím not violating the "social separation" principle.

  MAR 16 UPDATE This weekís update is a bit heavy on the technical side. Letís get it out of the way, so we can move on to whatís happening in the world around and inside us as March gives way to April.

If weíre connected on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you may have seen my notification late last week concerning some digital remodeling here at my website. This was caused by switching the entire website to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. This means that your connection with Astropro is henceforth digitally encrypted for privacy and security. Thatís the good news.

APR 5, 2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjujnction The bad news is that this has required a massive but fairly routine modification of every page here at Astropro. That runs into the hundreds if not thousands of pages. Last week, I put notices on my social media sites to let people know that the Astropro entry page was not working, because of the SSL renovation. At the time, I suggested using the Astropro news page (this page) to access the site. Thatís no longer necessary because the issue is fixed now, tested and running on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers for Windows, Macintosh and Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). So feel free to set your bookmark back to the home page if you prefer Ė or leave it here if that suits you.

There is one small difference now; namely that what used to be the Astropro gateway has been replaced with the home page itself. I still have some coding to do before the old gateway goes back up. But thatís neither here nor there as far as content is concerned. And it will likely be many weeks before I have finished the necessary code changes for each and every page on this site. But Iíll keep plugging away between client phone consultation calls calls, and orders for my 2020 World Forecast Highlights and personal reports.

Speaking of this year's World Forecast (see pp. 2-9 and 13), the financial crash and pandemic - plus last weekís SuperMoon - have prompted a flurry of new orders lately, accompanied by lots of questions. Will there be a recession? (Yes.) Is the pandemic a hoax? (No.) Whenís the first light at the end of the tunnel?

The first glimmer comes at the end of March, when Mercury Max concludes, Venus Max commences, Mars and Saturn conjoin at 0° Aquarius (squaring Uranus), and Jupiter stands within a fraction of a degree of its April 5 alignment with Pluto Ė all in the vanguard of the April 9 full SuperMoon, with its storm and seismic shock window. A shift is in the wind . . . but Mercury is conjunct Neptune and the Sun aligns with Lilith, so appearances can be deceiving. In the long run, a happy ending is just a story that hasnít finished yet. As I wrote in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights (p. 7), this crash isnít a Big Bang. Itís not Thelma and Louise driving off a cliff all over and done in a flash. Itís drawn out, and slow motion . . . a gradual "settling of the soufflé."

  MAR 9 UPDATE Thereís a lot happening this month, starting with the March 9 SuperMoon. Itís the first SuperMoon of the year Ė despite the faux pas of some in the media about a so-called "SuperMoon" back on February 9. (Thereís another faux "SuperMoon" Ė i.e. a non-SuperMoon Ė being talked about for May 7.) At this point, everyone who wants to already knows that I created and defined the term over 40 years ago now. Itís even in Britannica at this point, as you'll see by searching there for Richard Nolle or SuperMoon.

MAR 9 17:49 FULL 19 VI 37
APR 8 02:36 FULL 18 LI 44
SEP 17 11:00 NEW (STEALTH) 25 VI 54
OCT 16 19:32 NEW (STEALTH) 23 LI 54
NOV 15 05:08 NEW (STEALTH) 23 SC 18

It does my heart good to see SuperMoon. catching on like this. Thank you to the meteorologists who were the first to take note of it 10 years ago, to the science writers who next picked it up, and to the astronomers and astrologers who at last followed suit! And thanks to Elke Hutton for spotting this article online at The Weather Network and sharing it with me.

Even the mainstream media recognize SuperMoon these days, e.g. the current issue of Newsweek, which was brought to my attention by Daphne Roberts. (Thanks, Daphne!)

If youíve been following along with this website, or my books and articles over the years, you know that a full SuperMoon is more than just a great ig glorious sight in the sky (especially around sunset and sunrise, thanks to the "Moon Illusion"). It also times an increase in the number and intensity of seismic events: moderate to severe earthquakes (M5 and up) and volcanic eruptions. Moreover, SuperMoons also usher in a surge in the number and intensity of powerful storms, with attendant powerful winds and heavy precipitation (think floods); as well as higher than normal tides.

This SuperMoon effect is typically operative over a span of three days before and after the exact alignment, which marks out March 6-12 as the shock window this time around. Keep your eyes on the skies! (For a long range look at SuperMoon, see my tables of these events for the 20th and 21st Centuries.)

JAN 12 Saturn-Pluto Astro-Locality MapThe real storm isnít just in the sky this week and this month, obviously. Itís all around us, as the markets tumble and the novel corona virus rocks the world. You knew this was coming if you read my 2020 World Forecast Highlights Ė see pp. 2-15. Thereís way too much there to summarize here, but I feel obliged to mention that, while this global economic maelstrom wonít be over soon, it will be mitigated somewhat starting the end of this month, when the first Venus Max cycle in two years begins on March 24. (See the 2020 Venus Max table below.) As noted on page 8 of my 2020 World Forecast Highlights, "In the face of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the best Venus Max can bring is a moderation or postponement of the inevitable downturn." Also on that page, see the astro-locality map for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which anchored both pandemic and pandemonium in the markets. Itís reproduced above: notice the Saturn-Pluto antimeridian line running right through China.

Thatís it for now, except to remind you that the current Mercury Max cycle continues until March 24. (See pp. 16-20 in my 2020 forecast.) Thatís right, the same day Venus Max begins, and just a couple days after Saturn crosses into Aquarius, and a day before Plutoís retrograde station. Relatively speaking, this is a bit of a reprieve: the eye of the storm, when the sky above is blue again, and the winds are calmed . . . for a while.

In closing, Iím still getting questions about my monthly forecasts, about the availability of my World Forecast Highlights, etc. Please see my January 27 update, where youíll find answers to both questions and more. And remember to check in here for my regular updates, to stay abreast of whatís happening. I believe youíll find it better than the monthly forecasts of old.

  FEB 20 UPDATE This weekís regular update is running a few days late, for a couple very good reasons. One is the usual: phone consultation calls and personal report orders are coming in ever thicker and faster Ė to the point that I cannot keep up with them.

The phone calls take priority of course, since I am a consulting astrologer. I donít take appointments for these, because Ė unless Iím already on the phone Ė I answer calls as they come in. (Itís common for the next call to come in before I finish with the current one. When this happens, the caller gets a busy signal; along with a message asking that they call back at their convenience.

Naturally, I must stop working on reports, charts etc. in order to take a call. After the call is finished, it takes some time to return to my previous task and catch up with the train of thought that was derailed by the call. Lately, it happens that only a few minutes pass between calls, and then itís "lather, rinse, repeat" for an hour or more at a time. So writing and then coding these weekly updates, a task that typically takes only an hour or two, can stretch into a day or more.

Aside from these ordinary delays Ė which have become even more frequent than usual over the last few months Ė there has been a combination of personal situations since the February 9 full moon (conjunct Pluto and opposing Jupiter in the second-eighth house axis of my natal chart). Anyone familiar with astrological tradition will immediately recognize the themes which have been running through my life in the last week or so Ė not to mention the Mercury Max which has been in effect since the current cycle began on February 10. (See table below.) Tending to these matters has taken a lot of extra time, in a calendar thatís already stretched to the extreme.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
FEB 10, 2020 FEB 17, 2020 FEB 26, 2020 MAR 10, 2020 MAR 24, 2020
JUN 4, 2020 JUN 18, 2020 JUL 1, 2020 JUL 12, 2020 JUL 22, 2020
OCT 1, 2020 OCT 14, 2020 OCT 25, 2020 NOV 3, 2020 NOV 10, 2020

Max-E = Mercury (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Superior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Mercury (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

Kp5 Geomagnetic Storm FEB 19, 2020 For one thing, issues with one of my online banking accounts were bogging me down for several days, and only got resolved on the day of Mercuryís retrograde station). (The solution focused on purging the history on one of my computers: how Plutonian!)

On a deeper level, death has stalked my inner circle in the days since the full moon. Friends and neighbors have been sloughing off the mortal coil thick and fast: two dead so far, and another in hospice care. And then there was the death threat that came to me in the mail on the 13th. Addressing the latter took a few extra hours, between providing documentation and interviews for the FBI, the US Postal Inspector and the local police. As I summed it up for my Facebook friends last week:

"To the fundamentalist fanatic who mailed me a death threat last week: be aware that what you have done is a federal crime, carrying a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. The FBI and the US Postal Inspector have opened a file on you. Donít think you can remain anonymous, just because you didnít give a name or return address. Itís people like you who disgrace religion. Have a nice day."

Itís not at all the first death threat I have received, directed against me as an astrologer. Iím sure it wonít be the last Ė unless my harasser is a lot faster and more effective than I suspect. Anyone familiar with the history of astrology knows exactly what I mean. If you donít, Google "witchcraft laws," and bear in mind that rabid fundamentalist Christians include anything they define as occult Ė astrology included - to be an abomination to their God, who commands that such people shall not be "suffered to live."

In closing, you may recall Ė see pp. 19-25 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights, or last weekís update Ė that I have for years said that the five key points in the Mercury Max cycle typically usher in periods of "greater than normal solar activity Ė solar flares (M and X class), Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and geomagnetic activity (KP5 and higher)," within plus or minus three days of those five points in the cycle. We are now within one of those windows (viz. Mercuryís retrograde station), which extends from February 14th to the 20th. In fact, the Kp scale hit 5 on February 19. Thereís still plenty more Mercury Max to come. Get ready!

  FEB 10 UPDATE Pseudo SuperMoon scuttlebutt is making the rounds lately, with the claim that the February 10 full moon is a SuperMoon. No, it isnít. I know. I was there from day one. I created and defined the term 40+ years ago, in an article published in Dell Horoscope in September 1979. The fact of the matter is that there is no SuperMoon this month. The first such alignment of 2020 is March 9, as detailed in my table of 21st Century SuperMoons (published in 2000).

Iíll grant that the February 10 full moon is closer to Earth than usual. But it doesnít meet the criteria I defined long ago: close, but no cigar. People who want to define their own SuperMoon should come up with their own term for it.

There are those who are jealous of the popular currency that SuperMoon has attained. Itís the first time in centuries that a term created by an astrologer has been adopted by the scientific community. Iím glad that theyíre addressing the idea. But it would help if theyíd get the address right. (For more on this yearís SuperMoons, see pp. 26-29 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights.)

Ersatz SuperMoon scuttlebutt is the big astronomical/astrological topic of the day. But thereís another one passing unnoticed. Itís what I have called the Mercury Max cycle. This occurs several times a year, when the planet Mercury comes around from behind the Sun to pass between our home star and our home planet. Itís a cycle that includes the infamous Mercury retrograde of traditional astrology Ė which, as is so often the case, gets it wrong (e.g. the arbitrary and fallacious Mercury retrograde "shadow" and "storm" periods).

As described in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights (pp. 16-20). Mercury Max is an astronomically defined relationship between Earth, Mercury and Sol. It begins when Mercury in its evening star phase reaches maximum elongation east of the Sun; meaning that Mercury lingers in the western sky long after sunset. The cycle continues through the retrograde and past it until morning star Mercury reaches its maximum elongation west of the Sun; when Mercury appears as high in the sky as it can before sunrise.

From the 2020 Mercury Max table below, you can see all three of this yearís Mercury Max cycles at a glance, from beginning to end. Pay special attention to the five key points within each cycle: the elongation extremes at the extremes of the cycle as a whole, the station points at either end of the retrograde period, and the Sun-Mercury alignment that is the focus of the cycle as a whole.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
FEB 10, 2020 FEB 17, 2020 FEB 26, 2020 MAR 10, 2020 MAR 24, 2020
JUN 4, 2020 JUN 18, 2020 JUL 1, 2020 JUL 12, 2020 JUL 22, 2020
OCT 1, 2020 OCT 14, 2020 OCT 25, 2020 NOV 3, 2020 NOV 10, 2020

Max-E = Mercury (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Superior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Mercury (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

These five points Ė give or take three days either way Ė mark the peak disturbances in the cycle, when solar turbulence (CME outbursts, X-Ray storms etc.) and geomagnetic disturbances (Kp 5 and up) reach peaks of intensity and frequency. Youíll know it when you see it: electrical and electronic outages, a Murphyís Law festival playing havoc with transportation and communication infrastructure, scrambled circuits of all kinds (including human neural circuits etc.) And as you can see, itís on right now.

Itís not all negative, by any means. In fact, if you stay sharp, observant, aware and focused during Mercury Max, youíll come out on top. Again, see pp. 16-20 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights for more.

  FEB 3 UPDATE Headlines centered on the spreading Wuhan coronavirus Ė see "As New Coronavirus Spread, Chinaís Old Habits Delayed Fight" and "Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say" in the February 2 New York Times Ė have prompted questions about my mention of the connection between Plague and other pandemics historically linked to Justinianís T-Square and its subsequent Sky TrainĖ the rare ongoing configuration which has been unfolding since 2006, for the first time in some 1,500 years. (See pp. 12-15 in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights.)

The January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction is part of that Sky Train, coming in late Capricorn 13 years after the Great T-Square in both its 536 and 2006 appearances. (See 2020 WFH, pp. 4-6.)

People are asking if chis new coronavirus is destined to be the modern analog of the Black Death in Justinianís time. The timing is right, but this isnít the first and only such candidate: Ebola, SARS, MERS and any of several influenza variants have all been epidemiological hot spots since the Great T-Square returned in 2006. (Ebola was known years before, but outbreaks have become more and more virulent since then.)

Donald Trump Natal Chart The January 12 Saturn-Pluto alignment at 22° 46í Capricorn, close on the heels of the January 10 lunar eclipse at 20° 0í Cancer and inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction at 19° 49í Capricorn very neatly timed a couple of Plutonian developments, starting with the Wuhan coronavirus. The first cases of Wuhan date back to early December, with Saturn and Pluto just a few degrees apart in the sky. A Wuhan doctor, Li Wenliang, let his colleagues know about the mysterious new disease with an online post dated December 30. Li was quickly reprimanded by the Wuhan health authority, on the grounds that his warning constituted "illegal behavior." (Officials remembered the hit the Chinese economy took from the 2002 SARS outbreak, and did their best to suppress any news of a similar fiasco.) On January 10 (a day before the eclipse and two days before the exact Saturn-Pluto alignment), Dr. Li was himself infected with coronavirus while treating an asymptomatic patient for glaucoma. Ten days later, the word was out, and spreading rapidly around the world - just like the disease. (Incidentally, the aforementioned Sun-Mercury conjunction will reverberate two weeks later, as a January 7-13 geophysical shock wave opens up. More on that next week.)

Meanwhile, a parallel time stream was unfolding in Washington DC: just as the coronavirus was taking off in China, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump on December 18 (the day Saturn moved to within two degrees of its alignment with Pluto). The Articles of Impeachment were delivered to the Senate on January 15 Ė three days after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction became exact.

Just as Chinese authorities sought to suppress the severity of the Wuhan coronavirus, the US Senate did its best to suppress evidence of presidential misconduct. The global pandemic disease and the poisoning of the US body politic were proceeding apace under the aegis of the historic Saturn-Pluto alignment - Ė which was happening in a tight, hard opposition aspect to the Venus-Saturn conjunction that was in the sky when Trump was born.

Are we witnessing the kind of Great Plague and Crossing of the Rubicon Ė end of the Republic, rise of the Dictator, dawn of the Dark Ages - described in my 2020 World Forecast? Yes. But as I wrote, it wonít be a sudden collapse; more like a settling of the soufflé. Not an Apocalypse, but a series of shudders. There are a great many steps ahead, but the descent has begun. Just remember: the Dark Ages werenít recognized as such until they were already centuries old. Sometimes you donít know what youíve got Ďtil itís gone Ė long gone.

  JAN 27 UPDATE First, by way of taking care of business, my 2020 World Forecast Highlights was published a few weeks ago: 35 pages, 18,000 words, with color illustrations. If you ordered one, and haven't received your copy yet, please let me know. My records indicate that all paid copies, whether PDF by email or hard copy via USPS Priority Mail, have been sent.

JAN 10, 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse If you don't have a copy of that forecast, you missed getting advance notice of the surge of earthquake and volcano action during the geophysical shock window surrounding the January 10 lunar eclipse at 20° Cancer: "Eclipses are much like SuperMoons in terms of their connection with storms and seismicity, but they tend to rank a little lower in magnitude. Donít expect an eclipse to herald the kind of extreme tidal surges so typical of a SuperMoon, for example. But there remains a notable historical connection between eclipses and strong storms and seismicity, including moderate to severe (Magnitude 5 and up) earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions." (See p. 29.) What's the time frame for this connection? As I've said for decades, "lunar eclipses are effective within a plus or minus three day window." (p. 30). For the January 10 eclipse, that workd out to January 7-13. Check the news for this period, and you'll spot a slew of moderate to severe (M5+) quakes and powerful volcanic eruptions. (Bear in mind that this also applies, although in a less extreme way, to the new moon on the 24th, which is just now leaving its shock window.)

Business aside, Iíve been working on the above two paragraphs since January 3 Ė between frequent consultation calls and report orders from my 3,000+ clients. "Thereby hangs a tale," as the Bard wrote . . .

Some of you may know that Iíve been a full time professional astrologer since 1973, and a serious student of the subject since the mid-1960s. I sold the first of several thousand articles to the national astrology press back in 1975 (starting with Dell Horoscope magazine), and published the first of several books on the subject in 1983 (Chiron: The New Planet in Your Horoscope)

By the time I started this website in 1996, I was counselling several thousand private clients. To that practice I added everything you see at, including the many "free" forecasts. In truth, nothing is free. It has all been subsidized by my clients, in the sense that what they pay me is how I make a living. The combination of all this work keeps me more than busy. Too busy, at this point. Thatís why it has taken weeks just to write the opening paragraphs of todayís update, in the midst of a constant barrage of client report orders and consultation calls Ė clients some of whom I have been a part of their lives for decades before I began this website. The long and the short of it is that my loyalty and obligation to them has priority over this website. It really comes down to the proverbial three-legged stool: my personal life, my clients, and the website. Somethingís gotta give . . .

Born under a Capricorn ascendant and Moon (the latter trine its traditional ruler, Saturn Ė which opposes the Sun in my chart), Iím a very hard worker by nature. It helps that I love my work, of course. But something has to give. I need a couple hours a day for physical workouts of one kind or another, and another few hours for things like sleep, errands, personal care and a family life. My current 12-hour workday doesnít leave enough room for all that.

The upshot is that the December 2019 edition is the last of my free monthly forecasts. I have given the matter considerable thought for a very long time now, and it all came to a head under the aegis of the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction conjunct my natal Moon, and the lunar eclipse opposing it Ė and squaring my Libra midheaven. I have determined that itís the right thing to do, for me and for my work: a time for balance.

Freed from the tyranny of the monthly calendar, Iíll be doing what amounts to weekly astrological commentaries; some shorter, some longer. Iíll still address topical subjects Ė those that arise in the world and the sky around us, and how they dovetail into astrology and the human experience.

There, Iíve said it. I feel lighter already. I know Iíll like the new agenda. I hope you will too.

PS Ė For those who have asked why I didnít mention the Trump impeachment in this yearís forecast, itís because I addressed it a couple years ago, first in my August 2017 online forecast, and later in my 2018 World Forecast Highlights (pp. 9-12, published in 2017):

"As I pointed out in my August 2017 online forecast, the solar eclipse that month has ominous connotations for the President. (The eclipses of 1974 and 1998 had impeachment connections for Presidents Nixon and Clinton.) As I put it in that forecast, 'Is impeachment in Mr. Trumpís future too, under the same eclipse that brought Mr. Clinton to that impasse? Or will it be a 25th Amendment removal from office? Or something else? There are a lot of possibilities here; none of which bodes well for Mr. Trump." Astrology goes back to a time when rulers didnít leave office for constitutional reasons, so there are less genteel possibilities in the picture here.'"

"In the current highly polarized political atmosphere, half the US population (at least) are hoping that Mr. Trumpís removal from office is imminent. Not so fast! President Nixonís resignation occurred on August 9, 1974 Ė some two years and two months after the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. (And that was with the Democrats controlling Congress.)"

". . . the odds of his removal from office in the near term remain a long shot. But itís not unlikely that the train has left the station as of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse. Realpolitik suggests a couple of alternative outcomes. The quicker one is that the GOP power structure turns on the President, and turns him out via the 25th Amendment. The slower hinges on the Democratic Party regaining a majority in the House of Representatives in the 2018 mid-term election Ė which would put us on a timeline not unlike the Nixon-Watergate scenario."

Looks like weíre on the Nixon-Watergate scenario, like I said a couple years ago . . .

  DEC 23 UPDATE If you read the full version of my 2018 World Forecast Highlights, the November 2018 "Blue Wave" in the US House, followed last week by the impeachment of Donald Trump, was very plainly indicated long ago.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
FEB 10, 2020 FEB 17, 2020 FEB 26, 2020 MAR 10, 2020 MAR 24, 2020
JUN 4, 2020 JUN 18, 2020 JUL 1, 2020 JUL 12, 2020 JUL 22, 2020
OCT 1, 2020 OCT 14, 2020 OCT 25, 2020 NOV 3, 2020 NOV 10, 2020

Max-E = Mercury (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Superior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Mercury (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

Something far more momentous awaits us in 2020: another financial maelstrom for one thing, what with the Saturn-Pluto alignment next month. 2020 is going to be a year of wild gyrations, comprising three planetary Max Cycles. This will be the first such triple header since 2018: Venus Max, Mercury Max and Mars Max.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
MAR 24, 2020 MAY 13, 2020 JUN 3, 2020 JUN 25, 2020 AUG 13, 2020

Max-E = Venus (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Superior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Venus (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

In the face of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the best Venus Max can bring is a moderation or postponement of the inevitable downturn; a settling of the soufflé rather than a sudden collapse, as it were. This is not going to be some cataclysmic Mad Max hunker down in your bunker scenario: you wonít need Krugerrands, MREs, a 50 cal. and a flak jacket, but a cash stash and a well-stocked pantry wonít hurt.

2020-2021 MARS MAX CYCLE
Sun-270-Mars Mars S-Rx Sun-180-Mars Mars S-D Sun-090-Mars
JUN 6, 2020 SEP 9, 2020 OCT 13, 2020 NOV 14, 2020 FEB 1, 2021

Sun-270-Mars = Sun Waning Square (270°) to Mars (Mars Max begins)
Mars S-Rx = Mars Retrograde Station (Retrograde Begins)
Sun-180-Mars = Sun-Mars Oppositiion (Mars Perigee)
Mars S-D = Mars Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Sun-090-Mars = Sun Waxing Square (90°) to Mars (Mars Max ends)

At the very least, itís time to review your trading account trailing stops. When those stops get triggered Ė or before, if youíre more nervous or proactive Ė take profits (or cut losses) and then hold some cash in reserve; but also look to reinvest some of the proceeds in precious metals and consumer staples. Just donít put your portfolio on automatic pilot during the five key periods in each Mercury Max, lest you get mowed down by a Flash Crash.

As for those other two Max Cycles Ė Mercury and Mars Ė youíll find details in my upcoming 2020 World Forecast Highlights.

  DEC 9 UPDATE Itís that time of year Ė and that waning phase in the economic cycle - when dire warnings of economic catastrophe spring up like toadstools after a rain shower. And thereís no shortage of astrological indicators to buttress such forebodings. Including, most notably and immediately, the alignment of Saturn and Pluto; with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all thrown in for good measure. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction wonít be exact until January 12, but itís within a few degrees of partile already.

JAN 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction Living as we are under the shadow of this looming configuration, itís no wonder that thereís so much fear and paranoia afoot Ė political, cultural and economic on the collective scale, and in a mutual feedback loop with the individuals who are feeling anxious at what they see unfolding around them. Iím neither a Pollyanna nor a Cassandra, and so I feel obliged to try and temper expectations.

Itís true that, historically, Saturn-Pluto configurations signal serious business. The conjunction comes along once every 35 years or so Ė once in a generation, more or less. Alignments in Capricorn, like the one this year, are considerably more scarce. The last one occurred in 1518 Ė a bit more than a year before the death of Leonardo da Vinci heralded the twilight of the Renaissance. It was a time of exploration, the rise of a new economic paradigm (mercantilism), and breakthroughs in science. This yearís alignment is bound to have parallels to 1518.

Even more parallels will be seen in the 546 triple conjunction in Capricorn, which occurred 13 years after Justinianís T-Square. That rare and historic configuration formed when Jupiter in Scorpio moved to the square point of Saturn in Leoís opposition to Neptune in Aquarius, during the reign of the Emperor Justinian (the last Roman Emperor), at the dawn of the Dark Ages. There hasnít been an alignment like that since Ė until 2006. Now Ė just as in the case of Justinianís T-Square Ė that T-Square is being followed some 13 years later by another Saturn conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn.

Is a new Dark Age imminent? Of course. But itís on an historic scale, rather than contemporaneous. An economic downturn followed by a new paradigm is coming, but it wonít show up in the headlines on the day of Saturnís alignment with Pluto. This isnít a collapse around the corner. Rather, itís a gradual "settling of the soufflé" that stretches out over generations.

We will see a downturn connected with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The focus is on the period during which Saturn and Pluto are three degrees apart; i.e. from December 1, 2019 through February 17, 2020. The peak vulnerability is on or about the exact alignment date of January 12, 2020. There will be a disruption in the world financial system around that time, but not a total collapse.

Why not? First, thereís the historical soufflé thing. Second, thereís a Venus Max cycle starting just 2-1/2 months after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, when Venus reaches its maximum distance east of the Sun on March 24. Thatís the start of a 5-month cycle during which Venus is making its close approach to Earth, peaking with the Venus inferior conjunction to the Sun on June 3 and including the May 13-June 25 Venus retrograde cycle.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
MAR 24, 2020 MAY 13, 2020 JUN 3, 2020 JUN 25, 2020 AUG 13, 2020

Max-E = Venus (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Superior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Venus (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

Venus Max cycles come around roughly once every two years. All else being equal, they point to better rather than worse financial/economic conditions. Remember the October 2008 financial system collapse predicted in my 2008 World Forecast Highlights? Recovery began when Venus reached its maximum elongation east of the Sun on January 14, 2009, the start of that yearís Venus Max cycle Ė less than a week before the Obama inauguration on January 20. As history shows, that was the beginning of the recovery from the 2008 financial system crash. How much grace does 2020ís Venus Max afford the world this time around? See my forthcoming 2020 World Forecast Highlights.

  DEC 2 UPDATE Todayís update adds my December forecast to the FUTURES menu and site map. Meanwhile, Iím so busy with the 2020 World Forecast Highlights that Iíve had to postpone all consultation calls and report orders from new clients until January 6. (I posted notice of this a few months ago.) Thanks for your forbearance. (Iím still taking consultation calls only from clients of record.)

Incidentally, if you happened to notice that the Trump chart appearing in my forecasts and updates has a more polished look lately, itís all due to a kind, generous and talented friend. She fine-tuned the graphic file I published years ago, and I uploaded it recently to over-write the original. All the pages that include that image link to the same graphic file as always Ė but that file has been over-written by the new version, and you may need to clear your cache and reload any page with the Trump chart in order to see the new and improved image. (The chart is identical, except for the improved clarity.) Thank you, Cynthia!

  NOV 11 UPDATE Moon's Elliptical OrbitTodayís update gives you a bit of a preview of my 2020 World Forecast Highlights; specifically, a table of all the Moon-Lilith alignments (lunar apogees and perigees) in the year ahead, plus some background on what the so-called "black moon" Lilith really is. Yes, itís a "real thing" Ė but itís not a moon. Rather, itís the point in space occupied by the Moon when at its apogee (farthest point in its orbit around Earth). In that sense, itís akin to a polar opposite to SuperMoon . . .

Demystifying Lilith doesnít mean stripping away her mythological connection. The astronomy and astrology of Lilith not only coexist, but theyíre actually complementary. If you read my article in the May/June 2018 issue of HOROSCOPE, for decades the world's leading astrology magazine, you already know some of the story. But thereís more, as youíll see in my 2020 World Forecast Highlights.

2020 has a lot of big stories waiting in the wings: a triple Max year (Mercury, Venus and Mars), the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the Air Trigonalis Great Chronocrator and more. One of these has been lurking in the background for much of 2019.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction wonít be exact until January 2020, but itís been drifting in and out of being several degrees apart since March 2019. It was during the first of these close approaches that the first US bank failure since 2017 occurred Ė followed by three more in the fall of 2019, as 2020 drew closer. The tide is beginning to shift.

  NOV 4 UPDATE My November forecast went online last week, and is now all properly linked into the FUTURES menu and site map. In brief, this looks like a fairly homogenous month with a couple of jagged edges, inexorably building into a harder hitting December and January.

In case you missed it, back in September I announced that I would begin taking advance orders for my 2020 forecast by phone and mail (as well as via PayPal), in response to early inquiries from clients. Also, as stated on my PayPal order page at that time:

"Effective October 1, 2019, I will not be accepting any personal report orders (natal or forecast) until January 10, 2020. Until that date, any orders for these services will be refunded in full. The reason is that my schedule over that period tends to be filled to overflowing with consultation calls and other professional duties. ONLY World Forecast Highlights orders and consultation calls will be accepted between October 1, 2019 and January 10, 2020 until further notice."

All advance orders received to date have been acknowledged via email, according to my records. If you have ordered the 2020 world forecast, and have not received an acknowledgment, please let me know so that I can rectify the situation.

  OCT 14 UPDATE OCT 12, 2019 M5.3  Earthquake Todayís update is a bit of a struggle for me, because my laptop is actually on my lap as I type this. The ergonomics of touch typing is such that the wrists must be at or below the level of the elbows to achieve maximum speed and efficiency Ė which is where they are naturally, if the laptop is on your lap. When itís on your desk, the wrists are WAY too far above the elbows; which is why I normally use an accessory keyboard (and trackball) on a pull-out keyboard shelf below the desk. But the office is being painted as I write this, so Iím not at my desk, and not using my familiar keyboard. I could get the hang of this, with practice. But Iím not there yet.

The October 13 Hunterís Moon that anchored the October 10-16 geophysical shock window has cut quite a swath of destruction in what Ptolemy called the sublunar world. (It was square Pluto, after all.) As described in my October forecast . . .

"There are the usual peaks in storm, tide and seismic activity within plus or minus three days of new and full moons Ė with even bigger peaks when thereís a SuperMoon or eclipse in the picture. This month, the full moon on the 13th anchors an October 10-16 shock window, while the new moon on the 28th sits in the middle of the October 25-31 shock window."

Super Typhoon Hagibis hit Japan on the 12th, during the full moon geophysical shock window described in my October forecast. "It is a level 5 situation; some sort of disaster may have already taken place," said JMA weather forecaster, Yasushi Kajiwara. "People are strongly advised to act to protect their lives right away."

Eleven M5+ quakes have so far been registered in this shock window Ė including a 5.3 that hit Katsuura, Japan on the same day as the typhoon. There are still a couple days to run in this elevated storm and seismic cycle.

Meanwhile, Iím hearing from lots of people taking serious falls, breaking bones and the like. Alas, Iím sure thereís a lot more where that came from as Saturn approaches Pluto. A reminder to watch your step Ė especially if you were born with significant placements around the 15-20° range in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Ė particularly the latter). Check your chart!

  OCT 7 UPDATE In case you missed it last week, my October forecast is up and running, and now all properly linked into the site map as well as the FUTURES menu.

Speaking of the October forecast, consider the timeliness of the following passage (written last month):

"Watch Trump screw up his own impeachment: Neptune in the heavens squares his natal Uranus, as Jupiter activates his natal lunar eclipse, Pluto opposes his natal Saturn, and Mars crosses over his natal Jupiter. The manís chart is a cosmic piñata this month, particularly during the last ten days."

Trumpís warning tweet to Turkey under this Jupiter-Neptune transit is pure megalomania, with delusions of godhood:

"As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (Iíve done before!)"

This is beyond impeachment material. It rises all the way to immediate emergency 25th Amendment remove the delusional despot before he wrecks the nation status. (Seriously, if you donít see his statement as prima facie evidence of lunacy, you should seek professional help.)

How does it end? See the October forecast, and follow the links to my preceding annual world forecasts. Itís all there.

  SEP 30 UPDATE My October forecast is up and running, and properly linked into the FUTURES menu.

  SEP 2 UPDATE Todayís update introduces my September forecast, which is now all properly linked into the FUTURES menu and site map. Thatís the heavy lift. Here are some finishing touches.

First, out of bounds calls are reminding me to remind you that my office hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM Arizona Time (5 PM to 1 AM Universal Time). Thatís noon to 8 PM Eastern Standard, 1 to 9 PM Eastern Daylight, 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard, 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Daylight, etc.

Second, please note that my toll-free consultation and order line always has been and still remains 800-527-8761. However, in the process of streamlining my telecom setup, there is a single digit change in my data/message line: from 480-753-6261 to 480-753-6251. Regulars know that there are many hundreds of pages online here at Astropro. I have managed to change the data/message phone number on a few of them. My schedule is so full that Iíll be months (at least) getting to them all.

Third, I have been receiving advance orders for my forthcoming 2020 World Forecast Highlights for a month now, for delivery starting December 31 this year. I have been following up with a timely thank you and a reminder that the 2020 edition is embargoed until the end of this year, in order to keep the copycats at bay. If you have ordered your advance copy, and havenít received an acknowledgment, please let me know so I can address the issue. Thanks!

And finally, Happy Labor Day, from a proud son of union parents!

  AUG 26 UPDATE "The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small." Itís a thought much on my mind this summer, as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto grind their way through the heavens, caught up in their own cycles as well as interacting with the world below.

SEP 21, 2019 Jupiter-Neptune waning square Thereís the Jupiter-Neptune square, within a few degrees of exact aspect from late August into early October. It has already exact twice this year, and is moving toward its September finale at 17° Sagittarius-Pisces on the 21st. This is covered in some detail in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights (pp. 7-10). Itís an alignment that coincides Ė as it did in 549 CE Ė with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction thatís been within a few degrees of exact on and off since March this year, reaching partile on January 12, 2020 (in this midst of a string of alignments in 23° Capricorn on that day). Think about it, if you were born under planets or other points around these degrees. (Check your chart?)

But wait, thereís more: the Jupiter-Neptune square is the third major turning point in the cycle of these two planets that began in 2009, when Jupiter aligned with Neptune in Aquarius three times: on May 27 at 26° 09í, July 10 at 26° 02í and December 21 at 24° 18í. These alignments all fell within a degree of Neptuneís position in Justinianís T-Square back in 536 CE. And the 2019 Jupiter-Neptune square itself falls within a fraction of a degree of an exact square to the November 4, 2008 Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo-Pisces that timed the onset of the "Great Recession" Ė one of the key turning points in the unfoldment of the 2006 reappearance of Justinianís T-Square.

These celestial configurations are notable in their own right. Jupiterís waning (270°) square to Neptune happens on a 12-13 year cycle. Saturnís conjunction with Pluto is on a 30-35 year cycle. But to have them both occur in the 13th year following a Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune T-Square hasnít happened once since the year 549 CE, in the reign of Justinian the Great, the last Roman Emperor. Until this year, that is.

Justinianís T-Square Ė and the Sky Train of planetary configurations in its wake, including the aforementioned Jupiter-Neptune square and Saturn-Pluto conjunction - ushered in the start of the Dark Ages back in 536. And then they disappeared for centuries. Until 2006, when the Great T-Square reappeared for the first time in some 1500 years. The same Sky Train that followed the 536 apparition has been following its 2006 apparition ever since.

You remember 2006. That was the beginning of the global financial meltdown that very nearly collapsed the world economy. The first tremors came in the subprime mortgage industry that year Ė or at least, thatís what the Wall Street crowd blamed it on. (Of course theyíd blame it on the poor.) Two years later, under the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the whole world fell off a financial cliff. It was called the Great Recession. But a skunk by any other name would smell as bad. In fact, it was the first Great Depression of the 21st Century.

JAN 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction Here we are 13 years later, and the latest shocks in the ongoing great financial earthquake are already evident. If history is any indication, this is not just a market crash. Itís more like what happened to the Roman Empire in the wake of the 536 appearance of Justinianís T-Square: the collapse of a civilization, followed by what came to be called the Dark Ages. (It ushered in a Dark Age for the Mayan Empire in the Americas, the Gupta Empire in India and the Kingdom of Gallaecia in the Iberian Peninsula around the same time, too.) All these crashes and more were precipitated at least in part by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption around 536, in what is now El Salvador, with global climate consequences.)

Donít get me wrong, Iím no Prophet of Doom. Nobody knew at the time that the end of Justinianís reign heralded the Black Death and the onset of the Dark Ages. That nomenclature didnít come into being for some 800 years afterwards. You donít know what youíve got Ďtil itís gone Ė sometimes, long gone. The Dark Ages marked the death knell for some of the worldís great hegemonies. But out of their detritus emerged new ones, in the fullness of time. One of those just happened to become the nationalistic (and then globalist) European civilization that is just now fracturing the same way the Roman Empire did in the 6th Century.

Of course thereís a personal dimension to these great cosmic configurations, in addition to the historical themes. Sometimes they overlap, in the case of historical personages like Justinian the Great. Or maybe Donald Trump, whose BC-timed natal chart is heavily targeted by the great alignments in the sky. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is dead opposite his natal Saturn-Venus conjunction, while the Jupiter-Neptune square is a dead-on hit to his natal Uranus (conjunct his Sun and opposite his lunar eclipse Moon). Itís a combination that speaks of losing it on so many levels Ė without the least bit of awareness on his part. And thatís not even bringing this yearís eclipses into the picture. (See pp 7-10 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for details, and watch for a fuller treatment of this whole historical watershed in my forthcoming 2020 World Forecast Highlights.) Indeed, "The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small."

  AUG 12 UPDATE This weekís update is late, obviously. The reason is that we said a final good bye to our 10-1/2 year old German Shepherd Bruno on Monday the 12th. He was a big part of our lives for all those years. We were able to be with him at the end, talking to him and petting him in the comfort of his own home as he took his last breath Ė in the very spot in the kitchen where he first set foot in our house. (A cast of his big paw print now overlooks that hallowed ground.) Fare thee well, Bruno . . .

Although it wasnít a SuperMoon-class geophysical shock window, the end of this yearís second Mercury Max cycle didnít pass unnoticed. It came last week on the 9th, when the little inner planet reached its maximum elongation west of the Sun Ė one of the five key points in the cycle. (See table below.) Typically, Mercury Max went out with a bang, as I wrote in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights (p 18):

"Keep a sharp eye on those five key points in each Mercury Max cycle! Theyíre often accompanied (within a few days plus or minus) by intensified solar outbursts Ė solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and the like, which can stir up geomagnetic activity here on earth. Auroral activity and strong storms tend to surge at times like this Ė and in the worst case scenario, these can be associated with damage to satellites in orbit and power transmission systems on our planetís surface. Itís more involved than that, actually. Extreme solar weather can stir up weather extremes here on Earth at other times as well Ė including within a few days either way of Mercuryís elongation extremes and station points. In any case, dump Gigawatts of extra solar radiation into Earthís magnetosphere, atmosphere and mantle, and you get big storms as well as an increase in seismic activity."

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
FEB 27, 2019 MAR 5, 2019 MAR 15, 2019 MAR 28, 2019 APR 11, 2019
JUN 23, 2019 JUL 7, 2019 JUL 21, 2019 AUG 1, 2019 AUG 9, 2019
OCT 20, 2019 OCT 31, 2019 NOV 11, 2019 NOV 20, 2019 NOV 28, 2019

Max-E = Mercury (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Inferior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Mercury (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

What happened during the August 6-12 period (plus or minus three days from the 9th)? Well, under the heading of severe weather, the leader of the pack was one of the biggest typhoons to hit China in years: from the 10th onward, Typhoon Lekima killed dozens and rendered a million homeless as it made its way up the Chinese coast. There was plenty in the way of other powerful storms, but Lekima definitely topped them all.

Seismic activity included 25 earthquakes in the moderate-to-severe category (M5+), but none 6 or above. The closest were a pair of 5.8 temblors, one in Afghanistan on the 7th and one in Turkey on the 8th. And then there were all the volcanic eruptions in this window: Stromboli, Etna and Campi Dlegrei in Italy, Nyiragongo and Myamuragira in DR Congo, 17 eruptions in Indonesia, Popo and Colima in Mexico, two dozen more in Central and South America, Mauna Loa in Hawaii, and 18 more scattered along the Ring of Fire. (This is not a complete list.) Two dozen of these eruptions fell in the active eruption category, but none ranked as a major eruption.

Weíre now entering into the August 15 full moon geophysical shock window, which opened up just as the last Mercury Max ripples trailed away. This one lasts until the 18th. The Moonís peak south declination on the 12th makes the first half of this shock window look the more substantial. The uptick in intensity and frequency of storm and seismic events that accompanies any full moon applies to this one, of course. But it should be relatively benign compared to the Stealth SuperMoons that bookend August. At the microcosmic level, any full moon heightens emotional tension and the potential for conflict. Edgy, jumpy . . . especially for people born under strong Leo-Aquarius polarities (particularly late in those signs). Check your chart?

Iím working on the 2020 World Forecast Highlights now, between client consultation calls and personal report orders. Orders for the 2020 annual world forecast have been coming in for a week or two already, even though it wonít be released until December 31 as usual. (See my PayPal order page for price and availability details. But do feel free to order by mail or phone if you prefer.) As Iíve been writing for years, 2020 shapes up to be not just headline news, but historic Ė a world shift with roots dating back many hundreds of years on multiple levels. More to follow . . .

  AUG 5 UPDATE Kp5 Geomagnetic Storm AUG 5, 2019 You knew what to expect, from reading my August forecast and the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights: "increases in the frequency and magnitude of strong storms with high winds and heavy precipitation Ė and all that this entails, including flooding, property and infrastructure damage and worse. Also in the SuperMoon arcanum comes an uptick in notable seismic activity, including moderate to severe (Magnitude 5 and up) earthquakes and significant volcanic eruptions. Extreme tidal surges are the third leg of the SuperMoon geophysical tripod Ė sometimes these are tsunami, but more often theyíre just normal tides that happen to be much higher than usual."

So far, the July 30-August 4 shock window has tallied 30 M5+ quakes Ė including 4 M6+ temblors, the strongest of which was the M6.9 at Tegu Hilar, Indonesia on the 2nd. On the meteorological front, Tropical Storms Erick and Flossie have been lashing Hawaii with high winds and surf, while Florida has been under a flood watch under an onslaught of heavy rains. Here in Arizona, monsoon storms have been pounding the state this past week, with flood watches and warnings in effect from Tucson to Phoenix. And thereís been plenty of volcanic activity during this shock window: Karymsky in Kamchatka, Aso in Japan, Sangeang Api in Indonesia, Kerinci in Sumatra, the irrepressible Popo in Mexico and Stromboli in Italy . . . just to name a few.

Donít forget that the current (June 23 Ė August 9) Mercury Max cycle still has a few days to run. A burst of solar energy stirred up space weather earlier today, which is typical of Mercury Max, raising the Kp5 index to 5 as predicted. Geomagnetic storms, auroral outbursts and disruptions to electrical/electronic networks and infrastructure are on tap, so have your backups and fallback plans ready at hand. And donít forget that the human nervous system is a bioelectric network that is sensitive to these disturbances, to a greater or lesser extent. (For more on this, see pp. 13-19 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.)

Follow along and see what comes next in the August forecast, which is now all properly linked into the FUTURES menu and site map.

Speaking of linked in, I just activated a link for the 2020 World Forecast Highlights in my PayPal order page. (Requests have begun to filter in starting last month.) Just remember: my annual forecast is always embargoed until December 31, to keep the copycats at bay. Ordering early will put you at the head of the distribution list, but it wonít get you the forecast until December 31. As Iíve been saying for a dozen years now, 2020 is going to be monumental . . .

  JUL 29 UPDATE AUG 1, 2019 Stealth SuperMoon If you read pages 20-25 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights (published last year), then you already know weíre just now entering into one of the more potent storm and seismic shock windows of 2019; namely the July 29-August 4 interval anchored by the Stealth SuperMoon at 8° 37í Leo on the 1st of this month. This lunation is augmented by falling on the same day as Mercuryís direct station, one of the five peak points in the June 23-August 9 Mercury Max. And it gets bookended by the second of three consecutive Stealth SuperMoons on the 30TH, at 6° 47í Virgo, with a corresponding risk period of August 27-September 2. But thatís a subject of my forthcoming August forecast . . .

For now, the important thing is to keep a sharp weather eye out, and to make sure that your emergency kit is replenished and ready to hand. Also, if you were born under important celestial points around 9° in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), or 7° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), then be advised that the August Stealth SuperMoons are focused on you personally in some sense. Check your chart!

Incidentally, unless youíve been living in a salt mine of late, youíre used to mucho media hype whenever a SuperMoon comes around. It wonít happen for these next three SuperMoons. Thatís because the media Ė and indeed most people Ė are unaware of the Little Foxís dictum: "What is essential is invisible to the eye." Full moons are gloriously visible, all big and bright in the night sky. So everybody pays attention to the full SuperMoon alignment; which is even bigger and brighter than ordinary full moons.

A new SuperMoon, on the other hand, is invisible in the sky, like all new moons. But itís notable in other ways, which is why, when I created and defined the term forty years ago Ė Dell Horoscope, "SuperMoon Part 1," September 1979 Ė I defined it as a new or full moon occurring when the Moon is at or near its perigee (closest approach to Earth). The popular media have more or less completely ignored the new moon variety since they first began taking notice of SuperMoon about ten years ago now. That's why I have taken to calling this type of lunar perigee syzygy a Stealth SuperMoon. You canít see it, but itís there; and you will either feel it directly, or see its consequences in in the news about extreme tides, big storms and seismic activity (M5+ quakes and notable volcanic eruptions).

  JUL 22 UPDATE Kp5 Geomagnetic Storm JUL 10, 2019 The second bout of storm and seismic extremes this month came right on schedule, as described in my July forecast regarding "the July 16 partial lunar eclipse at 24° 04í Capricorn Ė closely conjunct Pluto. Visible from Europe, Africa and South Asia, I expect this one will rank lower on the disturbance scale than the July 2 solar eclipse, but it will still leave its mark in the way of storms and seismicity during the July 13-19 shock window. Still, this is a Mercury Max, so itís not going to be business as usual. Astro-locality mapping this one draws a bead on Hawaii, the lower Pacific coast of South America, southern Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern US; and on the other side of the world, Mongolia, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and central Australia; plus a Jupiter meridian through west Africa and Western Europe, and a Jupiter horizon arc slicing through Central America, the southeastern US and eastern Canada, and out across Iceland." Check the headlines during this period, and youíll see what I mean.

Speaking of headlines, the "heightened geomagnetic activity (Kp 5+ storms), exaggerated radio interference and electrical/electronic malfunctions, etc." associated with this monthís Mercury Max have made news as scheduled: the July 3 and 11 social media outages, the July 11-15 European Galileo GPS network outage, and the July 13 Manhattan blackout, for example. Geomagnetic storms also delivered per the forecast, hitting the Kp5 level on July 9 and 10. We still have a couple weeks of Mercury Max left (until August 9), so this is far from over. Remember the personal potentials of Mercury Max as well, because the human nervous system is also sensitive to these disturbances. (See the forecast, and check your chart.)

In closing, itís time for another periodic reminder that I do not use Facebook Messenger, because I find it clumsy and intrusive. Other than a consultation call, the best way to get in touch is via my email address,

This latest reminder is prompted by a request that I help educate a skeptic of astrology. In my experience, there are no genuine skeptics when it comes to astrology, other than astrologers themselves. (Didnít we all come to the subject as skeptics?)

The rest are pseudo-skeptics, who have decided in advance that astrology is bogus - without benefit of first having studied the subject. From that point on, their only interest is in finding "reasons" astrology cannot be true. These include red herrings like how the doctors and nurses delivering a baby have more gravitational influence on the newborn than the Sun, Moon and planets; or that the signs and constellations are in different places in the sky. As if these objections to astrology were not apropos of nothing! Hand your friendly local skeptic a bibliography that includes some Rudhyar, some Gauquelin, maybe a little Addey, Erlewine, Jayne and Carter. That should help them get to the point where they can begin to ask intelligent questions.

  JUL 8 UPDATE You read the headlines in advance last week, if you read my July forecast first. It advised you of the "notable historical connection between eclipses and strong storms and seismicity, including moderate to severe (Magnitude 5 and up) earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions . . . On the geophysical front, watch for the customary solar eclipse shock window for this alignment; i.e. plus or minus seven days (June 25-July 9). Since this falls within the June 23-August 9 Mercury Max, I expect there will be more than the typical eclipse level of storm and seismic activity associated with this eclipse."

Here in the States, the big story in this vein was of course the pair of Searles Valley CA quakes (M 6.4 on the 4th and M 7.1 on the 5th). There have been 50 M 5+ temblors so far just in the seven days since the day of the eclipse. As for notable volcanic eruptions and powerful storms, there have been so many of these in so many places that I wonít bother attempting to catalog them here. The news is full of them, as you know full well if youíve been paying attention at all lately.

The good news is that thereís a comparative lull for a week or so, before the lunar eclipse shock window opens on the 13th. Enjoy the calm before the storm. Thereís a trio of Stealth SuperMoons coming up starting in August, and a lot of Mercury Max to get through along the way. What to expect? See my July forecast for a preview, and pp. 20-25 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for a fuller perspective.

  JUL 1 UPDATE Todayís update is plain and simple: the July forecast.

  JUN 24 UPDATE JUL 2, 2019 Total Solar Eclipse June has run true to form per my forecast for the month, ranking "high on the geophysical turbulence scale." Weíre now embarking on the particularly hazardous June 25-July 9 shock window, anchored by the July 2 solar eclipse at 10°38í Cancer, taking place at the Moonís peak declination north of the celestial equator. Those of us born under significant placements around 11° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are bound to find this an important time frame.(Check your chart!)

This month has already seen a surge in the frequency and intensity of "extreme tides, powerful storms and moderate to severe seismicity (M5+ quakes and notable volcanic eruptions)," per my June forecast. July, August and September, with their two eclipses and three Stealth SuperMoons, are about to make June seem tame by comparison. (See pp. 19-29 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for more on these eclipses and SuperMoons.)

Remember that since June 23 - as described in my June forecast - weíre now into the second Mercury Max cycle of the year. This adds to the intensity of geophysical turbulence, and puts critical emphasis on mental focus and acuity, as well as transport and communication infrastructure. (If you're sensitive to EMF, brace yourself.) Under the aegis of the June 16 Jupiter-Neptune waning square (within a couple degrees of exact well into July), thereís lots of lies, confusion, subterfuge and deception afoot. Accept nothing at face value, and "beware of greedy leaders, they take you where you should not go." (George Harrison, Beware of Darkness)

Speaking of lies and greedy leaders, be aware that the Jupiter-Neptune square is tightly configured to President Trumpís natal lunar eclipse Ė and the July eclipses make direct hits on his natal Mercury and Venus-Saturn conjunction. The demented despot is at his most dangerous now. Can you say "wag the dog?" Even his brainwashed True Believers are starting to catch on to the con now.

Jupiterís waning square to Neptune is a lot of things, one of them being the moment when Toto pulls away the curtain to reveal the conman pretending to be the Wizard of Oz. Some of us have known it for decades. Many more are about to wake up and figure out. It canít happen too soon. Just remember: this is an ongoing process. Many people hate having to own up to being hoodwinked by a huckster. Theyíd far rather make excuses for him than admit that they got suckered. Short of a medical crisis Ė which cannot be ruled out in cases of morbid obesity - this will drag on for months.

  JUN 10 UPDATE As mentioned in my June forecast, his week sees a lot of geophysical turbulence, with Earth making its close approach to Jupiter (the Sun-Jupiter opposition) on the 10th, and Jupiter squaring Neptune on the 16th. The latter date falls right in the leading edge of the full moon shock window, which stretches from the 15th through the 21st.

With Mars and Mercury making oppositions to Saturn in the midst of all this (on the 14th and 16th respectively), Itís a good time to keep a weather eye on the sky, and have your emergency kit ready to hand. (Pay special attention to fire precautions.) Weather will be the worst of it for most of us Ė as bad as that can get Ė but some will also experience the seismic end of things, including M-5+ quakes and volcanic eruptions.

Remember that Mars is within a couple degrees of its exact oppositions to Saturn and Pluto from the 11th through the 23rd. This signifies a general climate of tension, irritation and unease that tends to bring out the worst in human behavior. Blessed are the peacemakers in such times of hostility and conflict. Want peace and quiet? Then pay no attention to the news of the day.

On the other hand, if thereís dirty work to be done, this is a period when the strength, will and stamina for it can rise to the occasion quite readily.

Remember that Jupiterís square to Neptune means thereís an abundance of lies and propaganda afoot. Take nothing at face value. Donít be a patsy for the plutocrats, who excel at manipulating the masses and the markets.

  JUN 3 UPDATE Todayís update is running late, obviously. Thatís because it has taken me so long to finish the June forecast. The writing part was easy, and finished up last week. It was the coding that took so long, between an unusually heavy volume of client consultation calls and report orders. Thereís a lot of turbulence out there in the world, from all Iím hearing.

Thereís also the ongoing technological upheaval here in the office, which I mentioned last week. Thereís always a spanner in the works anytime all the equipment gets tossed like a salad, and I have run into a few. Unintended consequences are the bane of bright ideas.

Lest you think this double Capricorn is just lazy, you can forget about it. My daily exercise schedule alone is over an hour Ė sometimes double that. And then thereís my personal life. And sleep, precious sleep. Iím more than a little fatigued at this point, so Iíll simply close by thanking you for your patience, and hoping youíll find the June forecast useful Ė and not too plagued by typos due to my tired eyes. (Yeah, those Capricorn transits are hitting me too.) Just remember, anytime you get impatient for the monthly forecast, youíll find the lionís share of it (and a good deal more) in my annual forecast. (It's not free, but well worth the price - and there's no waiting.)

  MAY 27 UPDATE Todayís update is mostly non-astrological, although I do have a peek into June for you in closing. But there are some developments I thought you should know about . . .

In addition to working on the June forecast, Iíve been engaged in some fairly extensive projects lately. On the purely technical side, replacing and rearranging devices and connections has been a preoccupation in background for the past week. Among other things, I am changing my data/message phone number to 480-753-6251. The old number (480-753-6261) has been disconnected. Testing has now confirmed that all the equipment and connections are working just fine.

S&P 500 My consultation and order phone number remains the same: 800-527-8761 (800-5ASTRO1). Iíve had this same 800 number for almost 30 years now. It will take me a few days Ė between client calls and other duties Ė to change the data/message phone number in all my online contact info. (This page is the only one Iíve updated so far.) And then thereís all the printed stuff . . . sigh.

Another bit of housekeeping will be of interest primarily to my Facebook friends and followers. I did my best to notify all of you about this issue on Facebook and via Facebook Messenger over the last couple of days. But if I wasnít able to contact you there, hereís the scoop:

I have been advising all my Facebook contacts for a year or more that I prefer not to use Facebook Messenger as a means of communication. If you want to communicate with me online, email is my preferred medium. The email address to use is Ė the same one Iíve had for 23 years now.

I donít like to use Messenger because itís too clumsy, intrusive and invasive. Itís also insecure, as I found out last week, when a couple of clients advised me that they had received strange messages "from me" via Messenger. Knowing that I donít use that medium, they assumed it was a fake. They were right. Someone had set up a mirror account under my name, and was using it to send phishing messages to some people on my contact list. (The phishes offered government loans to anyone whoíd be foolhardy enough to click on the link in the message.)

I immediately changed my Facebook password and scrubbed my account, and then notified all my contacts to disregard suspicious messages "from me". I then found that four bogus "Richard Nolle" accounts had been set up on Facebook. I notified Facebook, and those accounts have since been taken down. How long it will take the hackers to set up new fakes is anyoneís guess. But Iíll keep monitoring the situation. Meanwhile, the suspicious messages appear to have stopped. At least, no one has let me know of getting any since the shutdown.

Turning from preoccupations of the recent past to future prospects, be advised that the second Mercury Max cycle of 2019 begins next month (on the 23rd), and lasts until August 9. Get your backups and backup plans ready in advance! Especially because Jupiter spends all of June within a couple degrees of its exact square to Neptune on the 16th. Whatís it all about? See pp. 13-19 and 6-10 (respectively) in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights; or wait for the free June forecast.

Speaking of forecasts, if youíll look over the May edition, I believe youíll find the recent trajectory of major equity markets familiar Ė because they follow the downtrend I predicted last month. (The updated one month US S&P 500 chart above is a case in point. Compare it to the chart for last week - see below - and you'll see what I mean: the drop is accelerating.) For what comes next, see the June forecast.

  MAY 20 UPDATE If youíve been paying attention to the news these last few days Ė or maybe just looking outside your window, depending on where you happen to be Ė you may recognize that whatís happening is what I wrote in my May forecast:

S&P 500 "May 1-7 (bracketing the new moon at 14° Taurus on the 4th) and 15-21 (centered on the Buddha full moon at 28° Scorpio on the 18th) are the two major geocosmic storm windows for May. Watch for an increase in the number and frequency of strong tidal surges, powerful storms with heavy precipitation (and attendant flooding), and moderate to severe seismic activity (including M5+ earthquakes and notable volcanic eruptions). Of the two, I suspect that the full moon will be the more turbulent geophysical shock window, occurring as it does with Lilith and Neptune within two degrees of alignment at the time."

As mentioned in my May 6 update, "the 6.1 earthquake in the Solomon Islands, Cyclone Fani hitting India and Bangladesh, and the severe storms and flooding afflicting much of the US" are examples of the new moon shock window effects described in my May forecast.

Weightier by far are the events of the May 15-21 shock window associated with the full moon on the 18th: a series of strong quakes in Papua New Guinea (M 7.5 on the 15th, M 6.0 on the 17th, and a pair (M 6.2 and 6.3) on the 19th ;several days of powerful storms marked by flooding rains and tornadoes in the US Plains States; and headlining eruptions at Mexicoís Popocatepetl, as well as Krakatau, Kamchatka and Vanuatu Ė to name only a few of those currently active.

This shock window has a day to go yet, so keep your guard up if youíre in any of the watch or warning zones outlined by local authorities.

The geopolitical storm watch continues as well, with global trade wars and military jockeying having thrown major equity markets around the world into a tailspin this month. (For example, see the S&P 500 index for the last 30 days.) Re-read the May forecast if you wonder where this is headed.

  MAY 13 UPDATE Geopolitical chaos is intensifying this month, under the aegis of the still-close alignment of Saturn and Pluto. The seeds of global economic warfare sprouted the day the US succumbed to the Trump coup. The seedlings are now growing like weeds, as long established trade blocs fracture and crumble: NAFTA and Brexit initially, and the stillborn TPP as well.

Weíve seen this movie before, in the newsreels of the 1930s (under the aegis of the last Pluto crossing of the ecliptic plane, as described in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights (pp. 2-5). The US Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 precipitated the global Great Depression, followed inexorably by World War II. It was a global paroxysm that gave birth to a new world superpower. What new superpower will arise out of todayís looming catastrophe?

Itís not inevitable, but it will be a near thing if it can be dodged. The central figure Ė but by no means the only bad actor Ė is President Trump. As noted in the full version of my 2018 and 2019 World Forecast Highlights, Trump is at once the instigator and potentially the victim of the disaster signified by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Trumpís chart shows a Nixonian day of reckoning during this transit. And it has been gathering momentum since March (when the Mueller report was released) - right on the schedule spelled out in my last two annual forecasts. The Trump True Believers donít see it yet Ė and probably never will - but the majority of the country is turning against their Pied Piper. Will he fall to a 25th Amendment process, Impeachment (followed by a resignation deal to escape prosecution), or a medical calamity of some kind? Thatís the question now. The timing? This year.

What do we see this week? The full moon on the 18th at 27° 39í Scorpio is the big cheese, and itís in effect from the 15th through the 21st. Apart from the typical increase in frequency and intensity on the storm and seismic front, the geopolitical conflict scale shoots up as well: confrontation and challenges aplenty, danger and stress. Thereís a Trump tantrum dimension to this shock window too, since the full moon squares his natal Mars on the ascendant, and opposes his midheaven: self-inflicted damage, aggression that does more harm than good.

Within a degree of exact until the 21st is the Lilith-Neptune alignment, which speaks of propaganda aimed at undermining the established order Ė particularly during the May 15-21 full moon shock window. Lies and manipulation of markets Ė think pump and dump Ė have long been a hallmark of the President, whose natal Moon-south node alignment opposing his tenth house Sun-Uranus-north node conjunction is neatly T-Squared by transiting Lilith-Neptune. If you believe this man, you donít understand his long record as a con artist. Remember that on Motherís Day, Larry Kudlow, Trumpís National Economic Council Director, gave the lie to the Presidentís claim that China would pay for the Trump tariffs. ("Mexico will build the wall," right?)

  MAY 6 UPDATE Following up on my friend and colleague Lynn Hayesí suggestion, Iíve been looking into a function astrologers are calling Selena/Selene, or the White Moon. Itís supported by Solar Fire, the worldís standard astrology software, where itís defined (along with Black Moon Lilith) under the heading of "Hypothetical and Experimental Planets":

"The Lilith used in Solar Fire is the one popular in Europe, and it is also called the Black Moon. This is not actually a hypothetical planet, but rather the geocentric position of the empty focus of the moonís orbital ellipse (the earth being at the other focus). Solar Fire gives the Black Moonís mean position."

"Selena, also know [sic] as the White Moon is also popular in Europe. It has a perfectly circular hypothetical orbit."

A "perfectly circular hypothetical orbit" is a deal breaker for me. Hypothetical orbits can be anything at all, since theyíre not constrained by astronomical reality. Real orbits cannot be perfectly circular. If this be the definition of "White Moon Selena", then Selena cannot be real body or function in space.

Dell HOROSCOPE Lilith article Itís also been said that White Moon Selena is the opposite of Black Moon Lilith. By this reckoning, since the latter is the lunar apogee point (where the Moon in its elliptical orbit is farthest from Earth), it would follow that the former is the lunar perigee point (i.e. closest to Earth).

This definition is also dismissed by reality. Calculate the Moonís apogee, compare it to TRUE (not mean) BML using Solar Fire, and you get a dead-on match. Calculate the Moonís perigee point, compare it to Selena, and you donít get a match at all. (They do agree to within 10° or so, which is almost a whole dayís lunar travel.)

Maybe Ė and this could fit with a circular orbit model Ė Selena is only an approximation, a mean lunar perigee. If itís the real lunar perigee you want, just use true (NOT mean) Lilith, and look for its opposition to the Moon. Thatíll get you within a minute or two of arc precision.

The bottom line for me is this: any meaning that attaches to the so-called White Moon Selena will fit even better with the so-called Black Moon Lilithís opposite point. In that regard, Iíd like to suggest another archetype than Selena; namely Eve, who in mythology is essentially the polar opposite to Lilith. As described in the article I wrote for Dell Horoscope last year, Eve is the binary breeder, the mother, the wife. Lilith is woman wild and free, non-binary, defined on her own terms rather than in relation to others. Whatís in a name? Anyone who asks doesnít comprehend myth.

On a more prosaic level, hereís hoping you were out of range of the flashpoints to date pointed out in this monthís forecast:

"May 1-7 (bracketing the new moon at 14° Taurus on the 4th) and 15-21 (centered on the Buddha full moon at 28° Scorpio on the 18th) are the two major geocosmic storm windows for May. Watch for an increase in the number and frequency of strong tidal surges, powerful storms with heavy precipitation (and attendant flooding), and moderate to severe seismic activity (including M5+ earthquakes and notable volcanic eruptions)."

Examples include the 6.1 earthquake in the Solomon Islands, Cyclone Fani hitting India and Bangladesh, and the severe storms and flooding afflicting much of the US lately. Weíre on the tail end of this now, but we still have a little left . . . stay safe out there!

  APR 29 UPDATE Iím running late with the weekly update, again. The reasons are partly professional Ė finishing up the May forecast, having lots of long client consultations by phone Ė and partly personal. Itís all good from here, but I do apologize for making you wait.

The personal stuff was actually great fun. There was Easter, for example. Itís a family holiday for us, a time to get together and enjoy each otherís company, watch the grandchildren and their friends hunt Easter eggs and enjoy themselves doing kid things.

In truth, Iím a subversive Easter celebrant. I actually celebrate the pagan Easter Ė fertility and the Eternal Return Ė rather than the Christian variety. Itís a form of poetic and historic justice: the Christians expropriated their Easter from the pagan holiday celebrating Eostre, a fertility goddess. So Iím just returning the favor.

Most of the family and friends we gather with at Easter are nominal Christians. We donít all have to pray to the same god Ė or any god Ė do we? Weíre not all on the same page politically either. But we care for each other, and I enjoy their company. Thatís the important thing.

On a related note this week, there was Maddieís school art show. Iím so impressed by the work she does. My favorite is a rendering of a Nefertiti bust. Dramatic. And her solar wheel had uniquely human touches to set off the geometry. Maria and I both knew from the day we first met her in the NICU that sheís an Old Soul.

  APR 22 UPDATE Over the last year or two, Iíve been paying special attention to the lunar apogee point (LAP); i.e. the point at which the Moon reaches apogee, the spot in the lunar orbit that is farthest from Earth. The opposite point, perigee, is an essential part of the SuperMoon concept, which I defined in 1979 as a new or full moon (syzygy) occurring at or very year the Moonís perigee (closest approach to Earth).

Lilith-Neptune 20192020 I wrote about the lunar apogee point in my article "The Dark Goddess: Black Moon Lilith" (pp 43-50 in the May/June 2018 issue of Dell Horoscope, "the worldís leading astrology magazine"). Like perigee syzygy, the technical term lunar apogee point is a mouthful; which is why I came up with the term SuperMoon. Likewise, astrologers have christened the LAP variously as the Black Moon, Lilith and the Black Moon Lilith. Itís abbreviated BML in todayís standard astrological software, Solar Fire Ė which supports accurate calculation of the lunar apogee point.

Astrology has for millennia paid attention to the lunar nodes, which like BML are points of spatial relationship rather than physical bodies. Lilith warrants closer attention too, in my experience. The Moon is fundamental to astrology, and I am convinced that it cannot be adequately understood apart from the nodes and BML. I certainly see that in my client consultations Ė especially lately, now that Lilith is making some important alignments with Neptune in Pisces.

In a recent Facebook post, I posited the following analogy: "Lilith is to Eve as id is to ego." Thereís a lot more to Lilith than this, but itís a good place to start. Lilith is yin rather than yang, female rather than male. And unbound. Lilith is NOT negative per se Ė but independent, rebellious and narcissistic. We all need (and have) a certain Lilith quotient. But behavior that is charming in the very young is at best exasperating in the more mature. Lilith needs context and perspective, lest it descend into a destructive sociopathic (or even psychopathic) spiral. These are especially important considerations in 2019.

Aligning with Neptune starting in March this year (and on into 2020), Lilith signifies an intensified onslaught of manipulative charm, lies, deception, brainwashing and propaganda. Itís a trend that began in January 2017, as Lilith aligned with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. But now itís different: itís pathological rather than political; the lies and deception are by default, rather than for purposes of specific manipulation. The deceivers just canít help themselves anymore.

Weíre all experiencing this. But a special focus falls on those of us born under significant factors around 15-18° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces Ė especially Pisces, where the alignments with Neptune occur). Put another way, anyone getting hard aspect transits from Neptune this year, is getting a particularly strong dose Ė thanks to the Lilith factor amplifying it. Check your chart.

  APR 15 UPDATE Hereís a special offer from a dear friend, colleague and mentor Ė and fellow admirer of the work of Dane Rudhyar, whose work first opened the door to genuine depth astrology for me and for many others over the last 80+ years:

A Personal Sabian Symbol Booklet - A Free Gift

Dane Rudhyar In an effort to inspire extensive and continual use of the Symbols, this unique item is being offered only to serious astrologers who are friends of Richard Nolle.

The booklet is comprised of 20 to 30 pages of Rudhyarís interpretations for each degree, in an abridged form.

The personís degree Symbols and interpretations are printed in page groups such as: Zodiacal Positions; House Cusps, House-Oriented Positions; Planetary Midpoints; Arabic Parts; Aspect Phases; Soli-Lunar Progressed Phases, and more.

Please provide: Birth Data; Specify both the Birth Certificate Time AND the Time you wish to use, if different; The House System of your choice (if the house-oriented page is desired, then the Porphyry system will be used throughout); Your postal mailing address Ė to:

This work is produced with a program that is 35 years old and will not be offered indefinitely.

A newer program which can print up to three of the above pages is available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: As originally published earlier this week, the above notification omitted one critical instruction (due to an error of omission on my part); namely to send "Your postal mailing address." A majority of responses to date have not included this crucial information. The others are in process already, and should be shipped soon. Please, if youíre not sure your address was included in your request, resend it. Thank you. (Mea culpa.)

Speaking of responses to date, they have been overwhelming. Hence, this free offer will be honored only through April 30, 2019. Please get your order in by that date. Thank you.

Anyone familiar with Rudhyarís life work will jump all over this offer. Anyone who doesnít know Rudhyar? Google is your friend.

Speaking of Rudhyarís interpretation of the Sabian Symbols, consider what he wrote about the one for this weekís full moon degree, 30° Libra - "Phase 210 (Libra 30°): Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopherís head."

"A true philosopher," Rudhyar writes, "is a man who is able to Ďunderstand,í not merely Ďknow,í the processes of life as he comes to experience them directly. He is the man of wisdom, different indeed from the man of science; for while there must be knowledge before understanding, knowledge alone can be both barren and destructive of wisdom . . . What is at stake here is A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO KNOWLEDGE, based on universals." (See 191 in Rudhyarís An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases Ė New York: Random House, 1973.)

  APR 8 UPDATE Doomsayers have a long and storied tradition. In Greek myth, Cassandra was cursed by Apollo to utter prophecies that no one believed in the moment Ė but they always came true in the fullness of time. She foresaw the destruction of Troy, but the Trojans didnít take her seriously. She went so far as to warn them that the Trojan Horse was full of Greek warriors, but no one believed her. Why? It wasnít just Apolloís curse. It was the human penchant for living in denial. We know weíre mortal, but live as if death will never come - except for the wise, who know that life is the art of dying.

Mundane astrologers, those who deal with national and world events, are often called doomsayers. Iím not a great believer in doomsday, myself. Anytime someone prophesizes about the end of the world, I say bet the ranch against them. Youíll win that bet every time Ė except for when you donít, and then you wonít have to pay off. Of course this world will end someday, but since it hasnít happened before we have no data that might prove useful in foreseeing it.

There are astrological indications of any number of more or less catastrophic events: wars, natural disasters, economic and socio-cultural collapses, etc. Weíre in the middle of some of those right now, and have been for more than a decade. (See pp. 1-13 in the complete version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for details.) But Baby Boomers remember growing up under a nuclear Sword of Damocles that never dropped. Our parents and grandparents lived through a couple of World Wars and the Great Depression. And everyone past puberty remembers the so-called Great Recession. As Nietzsche said, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."

My point is that, like all platitudes, "Tough times donít last, tough people do" survives because thereís an element of truth in it. Whatever our weaknesses and frailties, weíre all tougher than we know Ė or we wouldnít be here today. Of course the world ends for each of us someday. Until that time, let us all love and laugh and persevere as best we can. Life is like a good stir-fry, except that the ideal isnít so much crisp-tender as it is tough-tender.

  APR 1 UPDATE Todayís update features my April forecast, which hits the highlights for the month. There are a lot of them, with a cast of characters including Trump, Putin, Merkel and Maduro. And you Ė especially if your chart includes some of the degrees pointed out in the forecast.

  MAR 25 UPDATE If you read my March forecast, you had plenty of advance notice about what the month would bring: "March Ė especially within a few days either way of the SuperMoon on the 21st Ė looks like a peak window for storms with high winds, heavy precipitation and attendant flooding, plus moderate to severe earthquakes (M5+), extreme tidal surges, and notable volcanic eruptions." (The cyclones that stuck Australia on the 23rd are a prime example of SuperMoon in action.)

There were also huge winter storms and floods here in the States, a slew of moderate to severe (M5 and up) earthquakes (including more than two dozen in the March 18-24 SuperMoon shock window alone, three of them rated at M6+: a 6.3 at Luganville, Vanuatu on the 20th, and a pair of 6.1 temblors at Dovio, Colombia and Bitung, Indonesia) on the 23rd. Lots of volcanic activity in the SuperMoon shock window too: Ibu and Bromo in Indonesia, Popocatepetl in Mexico, Fuego in Guatemala, and Reventador in Ecuador - just to name just a few. (Check out the astro-locality map for the March 21 SuperMoon. Note the lines off the cyclone-struck east coast of Australia and Africa, and the bomb cyclone-struck US from Colorado eastward, etc.)

MAR 21 SuperMoon Astro-Locality Map SuperMoon aside, thereís also an electromagnetic factor to this monthís turbulence, which brings me to Mercury Max Ė again, as described in my March forecast:

"Mercury Max as a whole is a time of above normal geophysical turbulence; especially around (within plus or minus three days of) the five critical points in the cycle. This time around, thatís the February 27 maximum east elongation, the March 5 retrograde station, the March 15 inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction, the March 28 direct station, and finally the April 11 maximum western elongation."

Indeed, March has been a maelstrom on the storm front, under the auspices of the month-long Mercury Max- (most intense around Mercuryís retrograde station on the 5th and the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction on the 15th) and the last full SuperMoon of the year on the 21st.

Consider Cyclone Idai, the deadliest tropical cyclone worldwide so far this year. Idai originated as a tropical depression off the eastern coast of Mozambique on March 4. As of the 19th, under the aegis of the SuperMoon, Madagascar, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are suffering from catastrophic damage. Mozambique's president Filipe Nyusi described it as 'one of the worst disasters' in the southern hemisphere, after rapidly rising floodwaters caused an 'inland ocean' in Mozambique. Itís a curious parallel to the bomb cyclone that struck North America in the middle of March, under the auspices of the inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction on the 15th. Weathercasters at the time christened it an Ďinland hurricaneí.

The good news is that turbulent, traumatic March is nearly done, with only a couple Mercury Max outbreaks remaining Ė within plus or minus three days of March 28 and April 11. Donít let the geomagnetic storms catch you unawares: aurora outbursts, breakdowns in transportation, communication, commercial and computer networks, frazzled nerves and such; plus a notable increase in storms and seismic activity. Then it calms down, comparatively speaking Ė allowing us to concentrate on the tightening Saturn-Pluto conjunction. (See pp. 1-7 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for more on the coming Saturn and Pluto alignment.)

  MAR 18 UPDATE The massacre in the Christchurch mosques last week has overshadowed all else, as atrocities tend to do. For us all, the query of the day is some variant on that most fundamental metaphysical question: ďWhy is there evil in the world?Ē The answer is both simple and daunting: because itís in us, as a species. We cannot eradicate evil short of extinction Ė and we seem well on our way toward that. At best, we can only disarm evil to a greater or lesser extent. We might thereby save humanity. If thereís time.

MAR 21, 2019 SuperMoon Why didnít anyone see those massacres in time to prevent them? The answer is that itís like trying to count the drops of water in the ocean. Evil has so many reservoirs, and so many niches to exploit. Especially this year and next, under the aegis of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the forthcoming Air Trigonalis conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. These are more than historic. Theyíre epochal, as pointed out in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights. (pp. 1-12), where I explain how weíre living in what amounts to a reincarnation of Justinianís T-Square, which in 2006 reappeared in the heavens for the first time since 536.

That Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-Square from Scorpio to Aquarius to Leo respectively last appeared in 536 Ė during the reign of Justinian, the last of the Roman Emperors, at the dawn of the Dark Ages. It was followed by a number of subsequent planetary configurations which have also reappeared since 2006 Ė and those include the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is even now only a few degrees from exact alignment. (The conjunction isnít partile until January 2020, but it drifts in an out of a few degrees apart in March-May and December this year.)

As described in my 2019 World Forecast Highlights, itís an alignment that speaks of "a contraction of wealth and production, a rise in oppression." Combined with Plutoís recent (October 2018) southward crossing of the celestial ecliptic (the plane of Earthís orbit around the Sun), it points to "a slow, inexorable descent toward the Underworld." Fridayís massacre is the latest manifestation of this arc. Alas, it wonít be the last.

Some commentators linked the Friday the 15th massacre to the Ides of March, using the popular association of that term with the middle of the month. But tradition is much deeper and far more astrological/astronomical, defining the Ides as the first full moon after the vernal equinox. This means that it falls on the 21st this year Ė the day of the yearís final full SuperMoon at 0° Aries. Thatís the time to "Beware the Ides of March." But you already knew that, if you read my March forecast. Remember, the SuperMoon shock window is in effect March 18-24. Be prepared. Especially if you were born with significant emphasis around 0° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Check your chart, and check my SuperMoon astro-locality map for pointers as to potential higher risk target zones.

One last reminder, in parting: Mercury Max remains in effect throughout March, with all its associated geomagnetic disturbances and network disruptions Ė including transportation, power and communication networks, as well as the human nervous system. This is most pronounced from the 25th into the 31st, surrounding Mercuryís direct station on the 25th. The Kp5 geomagnetic storm that struck on the 17th, two days after the last Mercury Max peak (the direct station on the 15th).

  MAR 11 UPDATE Weíve had a string of strong earthquakes this month, right on schedule during the three days before and after one of the main Mercury Max stress points delineated in my March forecast:

MAR 8-9, 2019 M6.1  Earthquake "Mercury Max as a whole is a time of above normal geophysical turbulence; especially around (within plus or minus three days) the five critical points in the cycle. This time around, thatís the February 27 maximum east elongation, the March 5 retrograde station, the March 15 inferior Sun-Mercury conjunction, the March 28 direct station, and finally the April 11 maximum western elongation." If youíre not familiar with the Mercury Max cycle, see pp. 13-19 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.)

Last week, Mercuryís retrograde station stress window melded into the March 3-9 new moon period, for a double dose of geophysical stress that stretched from March 2 into March 9. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the frequency and intensity of moderate to severe earthquakes picked up during this shock window. There were a total of five M6+ quakes in the last half of this period alone, including most recently a 6.1 in Papua New Guinea on the 9th. Storms? Killer tornadoes in the southern US on the 3rd. Volcanoes? Karymsky in Kamchatka, Mayon in the Philippines and Baliís Agung come to mind.

Max-E S-Rx Cnj. SUN S-D Max-W
FEB 27, 2019 MAR 5, 2019 MAR 15, 2019 MAR 28, 2019 APR 11, 2019
JUN 23, 2019 JUL 7, 2019 JUL 21, 2019 AUG 1, 2019 AUG 9, 2019
OCT 20, 2019 OCT 31, 2019 NOV 11, 2019 NOV 20, 2019 NOV 28, 2019

Max-E = Mercury (Evening Star) Max. Elongation East of Sun (Max begins)
S-Rx = Retrograde Station (Retrograde GBegins)
Cnj. SU = Inferior Conjunction with Sun
S-D = Direct Station (Retrograde Ends)
Max-W = Mercury (Morning Star) Max. Elongation West of Sun (Max ends)

On the personal level, the new moon fell in 15° 47í Pisces, targeting the middle of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces Ė especially Pisces). Check your chart! Meanwhile the Mercury station focused on the last degree of Pisces. Got anything around the end (29°) of those mutable signs Ė particularly Pisces? If so, you probably experienced a lot of emotional turmoil and turbulence last week. What kind of turmoil? Inescapable good-byes and kicks in the gut, so to speak . . .

The March 20/21 equinoctial SuperMoon at 0° Libra Ė the third and final FULL SuperMoon of the year Ė shapes up to be a weightier concern by far, as described in my free March forecast: the biggest quakes, storms, tidal surges and volcanic eruptions so far this year, I suspect. For effective dates and astro-locality target zones, see the forecast.

(Whatís a SuperMoon, and why should you care? See pp. 20-25 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights to get up to speed. And donít forget: the last of this yearís full SuperMoons isnít the end of the 2019 story for this alignment. Thatís because there are still three Stealth SuperMoons to come, starting this summer.)

Iíve been getting lots of queries in phone consultations with clients lately, that all tie in to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction thatís looming larger in the skein of time this month. If you were born with significant emphasis around the 20°Capricorn area, you might want to check your chart. And the headlines. (Think Brexit, Venezuela, worldwide trade and financial maelstroms and other tailspins, for example.) See the end of the free March forecast for starters. For a more complete picture, see pp. 1-7 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.

  MAR 4 UPDATE Today's update introduces my March forecast, which covers not only the month ahead, but the span from 536 to 2020. We haven't seen anything like this since the days of the Byzantine Empire, my friends.

  FEB 25 UPDATE If you have been following my February forecast regarding the SuperMoon on the 19th, you knew what to expect: "The last Ė and probably most important Ė geophysical stress window this month is the SuperMoon at 0° 42í Virgo on the 19th (in effect from the 16th through the 22nd). You know what to look for: a rash of moderate to severe (M5+) earthquakes, powerful storms, flood tides and volcanic eruptions."

A total of 24 M5+ quakes struck during this SuperMoon shock window. A 6.3 temblor in Papua New Guinea on the 17th is included in this tally Ė the first M6+ quake since a 6.1 quake shook Indonesia on February 2; as well as the first M7+ event of the year, a 7.5 quake in Ecuador on the 22nd. (Both of those big shakers came with tsunami watches.)

Storms? Lots of Ďem Ė record shattering winter storms here in the US and in the UK as well, plus a pair of tropical cyclones in the Pacific and the first February typhoon to threaten Guam since 2015 . . .

Volcanoes? Too many to enumerate during last weekís SuperMoon shock window: Etna of course, Karymsky in Kamchatka, Popocatepetl in Mexico, and Sabancaya in Peru are just some of the more prominent among the two dozen eruptions accompanying the February SuperMoon.

The important thing is not whatís past, but what lies ahead: the last full SuperMoon of the year, on March 21 at 0° 9í Libra. This shapes up to be the most dramatic (and potentially most dangerous) SuperMoon of the year Ė equinoctial SuperMoons have a history like that. Have your emergency kit ready to hand, just in case. As I wrote on page 25 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights, "I suspect that the March 21 full SuperMoon will end up marking one of the most destructive storm and seismic shock windows of the year. Equinoctial Sun-Moon alignments Ė particularly eclipses and SuperMoons are like that. This one is accompanied by a couple of aggravating factors, including Mercury Max and a tight Saturn-Pluto conjunction (within just a few degrees of being partile)."

Pay particular attention to the March 18-24 SuperMoon shock window if you were born under important points or planets around 0° in the cardinal signs; viz. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. (Check your chart: these are the degrees emphasized by this last full SuperMoon of the year.)

  FEB 18 UPDATE It tickles me no end to see the media taking note of SuperMoon once again, in light of the second such alignment of 2019. When I created and defined the term forty years ago, it was addressed to my fellow astrologers only. Popular media have picked up the ball and run with it, if only because itís the biggest eye candy in the sky: that great big bright full moon rising in the east at sunset (or setting in the west at sunrise, as the case may be) is just too much to ignore. Itís only part of the story, but itís the showy part and thatís why it sticks.

FEB 19, 2019 SuperMoon What the media conveniently ignore for the most part is that my original definition specified a new OR full moon that coincides with the Moonís closest approach to Earth (viz. perigee). But since a new moon is invisible, it gets ignored by the media. "Out of sight, out of mind." We can be sure, therefore, that the only other SuperMoon theyíll mention this year is the next one, the full moon on March 21.(In other words, theyíll ignore the new moon SuperMoon alignments of August 1 and 30 and September 28, 2019.)

The media also ignore for the most part the geophysical dimensions of SuperMoon as I originally defined it; i.e. its connection with strong storms, extreme tidal surges and increased seismic and volcanic activity. Why? Because it doesnít make for big showy photos and videos.

As described in my February forecast, "The last Ė and probably most important Ė geophysical stress window this month is the SuperMoon at 0° 42í Virgo on the 19th (in effect from the 16th through the 22nd). You know what to look for: a rash of moderate to severe (M5+) earthquakes, powerful storms, flood tides and volcanic eruptions."

As I write this, only a couple days into the current SuperMoon shock window, weíve already had seven M5+ quakes, including a 6.4 in Papua New Guinea; plus Winter Storm Oren ravaging much of the US. And the SuperMoon hasnít even made its exact alignment yet. For more on this year's SuperMoons, see pp. 20-25 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.

Geophysical shock windows aside, thereís a personal dimension to SuperMoon. Itís a time of emotional intensity, and in the case of a full moon a higher than normal potential for conflict and controversy. This applies to all of us, at least in background Ė particularly because of the simultaneous Venus-Saturn conjunction, which speaks of heightened anxiety and fear of loss (e.g. in the financial markets). But itís most intense for people born under significant cosmic points at or near the SuperMoon alignment. This time around, thatís 0° 42í in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Check your chart!

  FEB 11 UPDATE My Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) episode is on the wane now, thankfully. Iím not 100% yet, but Iíve been able to resume my regular daily workouts over the last few days, as well as handle a full slate of client consultations and report orders.

I managed to get the free February forecast up and running last week. Itís now all properly linked into the FUTURES menu and site map.

Weíre now already into the February 10-16 storm window, as described in the February forecast. This is more geomagnetic than geophysical per se, so look for disturbances in electrical and electronic systems (including the human nervous system); auroral displays, radio outages and the like are typical under such conditions.

There is a storm and seismic component to this window, but itís not as notable as the upcoming SuperMoon cycle (February 16-22). Looking ahead, prepare for the Murphyís Law festival ushered in by the yearís first Mercury Max cycle (February 27-April 11), as described on pages 13-19 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights. Have your backups and backup plans ready!

  JAN 28 UPDATE This weekís January 30 superior (far side) Mercury-Sun conjunction is a sleeper. Itís important, but not right away. JAN 30, 2019 Sun-Mercury Conjunction (Superior)

Sun-Mercury-Earth alignments always point to a heightened potential for solar disturbances, leading to geomagnetic storms here on our home planet. Those storms happen more or less immediately (give or take three days) when itís an inferior Mercury-Sun conjunction; i.e. a Sun-Mercury-Earth alignment when Mercury is inferior (on the near side of the Sun, between us and the local star).

The inferior conjunction occurs at the high point of Mercury Max), and there wonít be another one of those until the February 27-April 11 cycle. (For the lowdown on this year's Mercury Max, see pp. 13-19 in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.)

Itís a different story with the superior Mercury-Sun conjunction, an alignment of Mercury-Sun-Earth (Sun in the middle, Mercury on the far side from Earth). The disturbances raised by this alignment are delayed for approximately two weeks, until the Sunís rotation brings the conjunction point on the solar sphere around to face Earth. Sure, there may be a brief flare-up at the time of the superior conjunction, but itís typically short and mild if itís at all noticeable. But two weeks after that conjunction comes the plus/minus three day solar storm window. This time around, that works out to February 10-16. See my forthcoming free February forecast for more on this. (Incidentally, that February 10-16 solar disturbance window includes the February 13 Mars-Uranus conjunction: another sign of electromagnetic volatility here on Earth.)

On a more mundane note, if you ordered my 2019 World Forecast Highlights and it hasnít arrived yet, please let me know. I have learned of a half-dozen instances of non-delivery so far, thanks to concerned clients. They have all been resolved now. If your delivery issue hasnít been resolved, itís because I donít know about it. So please, do let me know!

On a related note, I have been hearing from people asking whereís the free online excerpt of my 2019 forecast; an annual tradition here for 22 years now. The answer is that it hasnít been published yet, because Iím overwhelmed with client consultations and report orders, plus orders for the full version of my 2019 Forecast. I havenít forgotten you, my friends. I just havenít caught up yet. Thanks for your patience.

  JAN 21 UPDATE Todayís SuperMoon total lunar eclipse anchors a storm and seismic risk window thatís already been in effect since the 18th, and continues into the 24th. As described in my January forecast and in the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights, this is a sign of greater frequency and intensity for storms and moderate to severe seismic activity. See the January forecast for areas of greatest risk, and for background on SuperMoon straight from the horseís mouth. (This year marks the 40th anniversary of my creation of the concept.)

On a more personal note, people born with important planetary points in the vicinity of 1° Leo-Aquarius are spotlighted by this alignment. Check your chart!

Thereís a beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the predawn eastern sky this week, exact on the 22nd (in ecliptic longitude). This one looks favorable for people born under significant horoscopic factors around 16° in the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius). Again, check your chart.

Finally, looking ahead, the January 30 superior (far side) Sun-Mercury conjunction sets up a time of solar disturbances and geomagnetic storms that will be pointing directly at our home planet two weeks later, give or take three days: mark your calendar for February 10-16, and watch for disruptions in electrical and electronic infrastructure, satellite, power, communication and computer networks Ė and in bioelectrical systems such as the human nervous system.

  JAN 18 UPDATE After a delay of a couple weeks, I managed yesterday to put my free January forecast online, and all properly linked into the FUTURES menu and site map. Regulars know the reason why: this time of year Ė December-January Ė carries a monster workload in my profession, with my annual forecast added to all the year-end and New Year consultations and report orders.

I take pride in offering my free monthly forecasts, and in the positive responses I get in return. But I do have an obligation to my paying clients to prioritize them, and tend to the pro bono offerings afterwards. Now that Iím just about current with clients, Iím pleased to put the free forecasts back on schedule.

If youíre among those who feel deprived Ė yes, Iíve heard from many more than I can actually respond to in the last couple weeks Ė please bear in mind that you got a good head start on January if you read my December forecast (published in November). And if you ordered the full version (34 pages, illustrated) of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights, whether the hard copy or the email version, then youíre already quite well and truly set for all the big stories of the year ahead.

  DEC 31 UPDATE This weekís update is a couple days late, because of all the work involved in polishing off and then publishing my 2019 World Forecast Highlights. All the prepaid email deliveries went out at close of business here on December 31.

If you prepaid for email delivery prior to closing time here (6 PM Arizona Time, aka 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central or 5 PM Pacific) on December 31, you should have your copy now. Check your inbox: if itís not there, please let me know ASAP so I can remedy the situation. (So far thereís been only one delivery failure, due to a typographical error on my part.)

I you didnít order a copy of the 2019 World Forecast Highlights (34 color-illustrated pages), itís not too late. Orders are still coming in to my PayPal order page; and of course you can always order by phone (800-527-8761) using any major credit/debit card, during regular office hours: Monday Ė Saturday 10 AM Ė 6 PM Arizona Time (noon Ė 8 PM Eastern, 9AM Ė 5 PM Pacific, etc.).

Meanwhile, you already know one major story of the next couple weeks, a strong storm and seismic surge under the aegis of the January 6 partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn: it was laid out in my December forecast. Check your chart, incidentally. If you have notable emphasis on the middle of any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), the January 6 eclipse is likely to be an especially significant timing signal in your life.

  DEC 24 UPDATE The killer tsunami that hit Indonesia on the night after the winter solstice is yet another example of the frequent correspondence between Sun-Moon alignments and notable seismic activity. As described in my December forecast, "The last storm and seismic stress window of the year is two-fold, associated with the full moon and Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on December 22 (in effect from the 19th through the 25th), and the coming January 6 solar eclipse (with its wider (December 30-January 13) shock window." So far, 29 Magnitude 5+ quakes (including one 7+ and two 6+ temblors) have been recorded just halfway through the specified interval. Next week brings more.

Granted, ordinary new and full moon alignments generally pale in significance compared to SuperMoons and eclipses. But they are not to be ignored. Planet Earth has rocked and rolled in rhythm with the Sun and Moon for billions of years. Itís a timing signal that our home planet responds to at all levels, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We get the latter next month, with a perihelion partial solar eclipse on the 6th and a SuperMoon total lunar eclipse on the 21st. Expect a new round of extreme tides, storms and seismicity.

Meanwhile, the geopolitical and financial drama looming on the horizon is accelerating, as we come into the New Year. See the forthcoming 2019 World Forecast Highlights for the historic nature of the celestial configurations reaching out from 1500 years in the past right into next year and beyond.

  DEC 17 UPDATE "Coming events cast their shadows before" is never more true than when speaking of solar eclipses. Consider the January 6, 2019 partial solar eclipse. As Iíve written many times over the last 20+ years, the effective span for the geophysical accoutrements of a solar eclipse is plus or minus seven days: thatís when extreme storm and seismic manifestations will surge in number and intensity. This time around, keep your eyes peeled for that December 30-January 13 shock window.

JAN 6, 2019 Partial Solar Eclipse This will be no ordinary eclipse. In the first place, it happens just 76 hours from Earthís annual perihelion (closest approach to the Sun). The eclipse is sandwiched between (at the midpoint of) the tightening Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Simultaneously, Jupiter and Neptune are within a degree of their coming waning square (270° arc), and Mercury is likewise just a couple degrees from its waning square to Mars. Such a confluence of celestial shaping speaks of a magnified pattern of geocosmic disturbances. Be ready for a crush of powerful storms with high winds and heavy precipitation; as well as a flurry of moderate to seismic activity (M5+ quakes) and notable volcanic eruptions.

This is more than a geophysical harbinger. The involvement of Saturn and Pluto nearing conjunction and the waning squares of Mercury-Mars and Jupiter-Neptune speaks of political and financial disturbances as well. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" fits this pattern to a T. Heads of state, corporate heads and faith leaders are all suitably nervous under patterns like this. And for good reason.

As I pointed out on page 10 in my 2018 World Forecast Highlights (published in 2017), "President Nixonís resignation occurred on August 9, 1974 Ė some two years and two months after the break-in at the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel." By that reckoning, a Trump ouster would be due not before mid-March 2019. Notice the Jupiter-Neptune square in January (14° 22í) in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) makes a T-Square tying into the Presidentís natal tenth house Sun-Uranus and its opposition to his fourth house (lunar eclipse) Moon This is also in effect for the June and September appearances of the Jupiter-Neptune square.

Apart from the Jupiter-Neptune square to his natal full moon eclipse Ė suggesting the public and the GOP lose confidence in him, thereís also the Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposing his natal Saturn: authority comes down hard fits this transit very well, particularly during the close approaches of April-June and December 2019.

Iím just scratching the surface here; completely sidestepping the hard aspects to Trumpís natal chart coming from the July and December eclipses. For a fuller treatment, see the full version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights. There are a host of patterns suggesting that the President will not be able to stand for election in 2020, because of what happens in 2019.

Donald Trump Natal Chart In closing, and in response to questions and comments from friends, clients and colleagues. I should explain that my forecasts donít pay much attention to some of the mainstays of mundane astrology as widely practice today. There are a whole lot of reasons for this.

For one thing, national horoscopes are not a reliable dataset. There are well over a dozen proposed US national charts, ranging from a dozen Declaration of Independence charts, a couple of Constitution Effective charts, and one for the first Presidential Inauguration Ė to name only a few of them. Astrologers have made conscientious historical and astrological arguments for each and every one of these. Seriously, need I say more?

More importantly, to my way of thinking (Occamís Razor and all), is the fact that mundane astrology for many centuries was practiced - and still is, in some respects (e.g. ingress charts) Ė without reference to the charts of nations or national leaders. Besides which, thereís always been a problem with regard to the accuracy of personal birth data.

In my work, following the practice of Mesopotamian astrology reaching back millennia, I always look to connections between history and important celestial events, such as eclipses and major planetary alignments (long term hard aspects). I see these as signposts directing the forecasting process. In forecasting the outlook for the Trump Presidency, for example, the eclipse connections to Nixonís resignation and Clintonís impeachment were the initial alerts. Only then did I examine connections to their natal charts to flesh out the details.

Itís hardly an untried approach; dating back to ancient Mesopotamian astrology. Consider Nostradamus, whose astrological approach never used the charts of nations or national leaders, but only celestial events per se: "Understanding created by the intellect cannot be acquired by means of the occult, only by the aid of the zodiac, bringing forth that small flame by whose light part of the future may be discerned." You donít need (and in fact canít get) charts of nations and leaders to predict events centuries into the future.

  DEC 10 UPDATE As described in my December forecast, there are a couple of solar disturbance factors remaining this month: "Mercuryís direct station on December 6, and the maximum western elongation of Mercury (the end of Mercury Max) on December 15." These have an effective orb (window) of plus or minus three days from the exact dates, which puts the corresponding shock windows at December 3-9 and 12-18. So this week begins just the first shock window closes, and just a couple days before the final one begins.

JAN 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Whatís the outlook during these sensitive solar storm phases? Kp 5+ geomagnetic storms inject Gigawatts of extra radiation into Earthís magnetosphere, atmosphere and mantle. This results in a burst of extra storm and seismic activity, and greater or lesser disturbances in all kinds of electromagnetic fields. You can see this in extra auroral activity in high latitudes, disruptions in communication, transportation and power infrastructure Ė and disturbances in that most sensitive of networks, the human bioelectric system. (If youíre sensitive to the latter, you already know this.)

Taking the longer view, Iím watching something unfolding in the heavens as I prepare my 2019 World Forecast Highlights. The really big celestial signposts for 2019 focus on an approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22° 46í Capricorn; the first one of its kind since 1982 Ė and the first one in Capricorn since 1518, when the Spanish began the direct shipment of Africans into slavery in America. Itís a configuration that comes around only once every 30 years or so, and it speaks of a contraction of wealth and production, a rise in oppression. "The rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer" maxim is never more true than in a time of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

This is not a positive indicator for the global economy, to put it mildly. While the conjunction wonít be partile (exact) until early 2020, it remains within a few degrees of precise alignment on and off here and there in 2019 (particularly spring and late fall). And it melds into a couple of eclipses (again, January and July) along the way, magnifying its significance in the course of events. Years like this one, when the economy is the big story, are times to be frugal and defensive rather than daring. Focus on the return of your investment, rather than the return on your investment.

And then thereís the big picture, the continuing unfoldment of the world historic Justinianís T-Square sky train. This is something Iíve been researching and writing about for more than a dozen years now. And the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction plays an important part in the story. It falls within a few degrees of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 549 CE, which occurred in the wake of Justinianís T-Square. In both cases, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late Capricorn came 13 years after the Great T-Square from Jupiter in Scorpio to Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius.

There have been only two such T-Squares in the last 15 centuries: 536 and 2006 CE. The 536 T-Square ushered in Justinianís Plague, a major volcanic eruption that changed the climate, and the so-called Dark Ages. What has the 2006 repeat of the Great T-Square wrought Ė and whatís next in the process? See my 2019 World Forecast Highlights.

  DEC 3 UPDATE DEC 6, 2020 Mercury Station (Direct) Todayís Sun-Mars waning (270°) square marks the end of this yearís Mars Max cycle, which has been in effect since March 24. (For more on the meaning ofMars Max, see pp 2-12 in the full version of my 2018 World Forecast Highlights.) Every Max cycle includes five critical points, the beginning and end being two of them. Those critical points mark a time of extra intensification of the Max planet Ė give or take three days from the exact date. This means that November 30 to December 6 are the last gasp for Mars Max and all its ultraviolent extremes. Good riddance! Thatís not to say that peace breaks out all over, but it suggests an easing of the tensions, the conflict, the fires, crashes, clashes and explosions for a time.

Stirring the cauldron this time around is Mercuryís December 6 direct station, one of the sensitive points in the current Mercury Max cycle, the last one this year. (See pp. 18-24 in the full version of my 2018 World Forecast Highlights for more on Mercury Max.) Allow the typical plus or minus three day leeway, and itís in effect from the 3rd into the 9th. You can figure that miscommunications, misunderstandings and miscalculations will play a big part in the Mars Max-associated fires, crashes, clashes and explosions early this month.

The five key points in Mercuryís Max cycle are also a sign of intensified solar output, triggering geomagnetic storms here on Earth (typically Kp 5 and higher). This seeds a surge in storms and seismic activity, as well as heightened auroral displays, radio and satellite interference, and disruptions to all kinds of networks Ė electrical, electronic, communications, etc. (Bioelectric networks too, such as the human variety.)

JAN 3, 2019 Earth Perihelion You'll find details on the Mars and Mercury Max cycles this month, and what they mean for us individually and collectively, in my December forecast.

Looking ahead to the end of the month, and on into early January, the forthcoming partial solar eclipse (January 6 at 15° 25í Capricorn) will be making its mark starting December 30, as described in my December forecast. (The extended shock window for solar eclipses, as I have written for many years, is seven days either side of the exact alignment. which means that weíll be feeling this one from December 30 onward. (Remember, the minor solar eclipse unit is 15° 21í: a new moon that occurs within this distance from either node will occur.)

For more on what shapes up to be one of next yearís most important eclipses Ė aligned with Saturn, Earthís perihelion and Pluto - see my forthcoming 2019 World Forecast Highlights.

And finally, another reminder for clients new and old who may be thinking of ordering any of the personal reports I offer. As Iíve been explaining for several months now, the volume of client consultations and reports always picks up in the fall. This year, it has overwhelmed me; to the point that I can accept no more report orders (or new clients) until January 10. I apologize for the delay. As a double Capricorn, I like to be busy. But I donít like having to put my clients on hold. I do have a colleague whom I respect personally and professionally, who has kindly offered to take on my overflow in this busy time. If youíre interested, please let me know via email to


The "Freaky Friday" toll for 2015 ended up with only eight bank closures in the US - the lowest number of failed banks shut down by the FDIC in years. The first "Freaky Friday" casualty of 2016 - the first, in fact, since October 2, 2015 - finally arrived on March 11, when North Milwaukee State Bank got the axe from federal regulators. It was followed seven weeks later by the second "Freaky Friday"bank shutdown of the year, when the Bank of Fayette County went down in Memphis TN on April 29; and then the third (First Cornerstone Bank in King of Prussia PA) on May 6, and the fourth (The Woodbury Banking Co. in Woodbury CA) on August 19. The total number of bank closures for 2016 settled at five on September 23, when Allied Bank in Mulberry AR bit the dust. So the total for 2016 was a little lower than that for 2015.

I suspect that the era of wholesale bank closures crested and passed, with the dawn of the Venus Max cycle in January of 2017. Granted, we did start that year with a bank closure on the day after the Venus Max cycle began, when Harvest Community Bank was shuttered on January 13 in Pennsville NJ. And there was another FDIC bank takeover two weeks later, when Chicago's Seaway Bank and Trust bit the cosmic weenie on January 27. There followed a couple quiet months until Cottonwood Heights' Proficio Bank went down on March 3, First NBC Bank in New Orleans was shuttered on April 28, Milwaukee's Guaranty Bank was closed on May 5; and then Fayette County Bank in Saint Elmo IL on May 26. Next, after very nearly six whole months, the seventh bank closure of the year took place on October 13, when The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia, KS was shuttered, and then the Washington Federal Bank for Savings in Chicago was shut down on December 15, 2017. There wasn't a single bank closure in all of 2018, and we managed to get almost halfway through 2019 before the next one took place: the Enloe State Bank on May 31. There have been three more since then: Louisa Community Bank (Louisa, KY) and Resolute Bank (Maumee, OH) on October 25, and City National Bank of New Jersey (Newark) on November 1. The tide is beginning to shift . . .

As I wrote here years back, "as central banks attempt to normalize interest rates, failing banks will become even rarer." (Time to buy US bank stocks on the dips, as I wrote here a couple years ago. So far, I have doubled my money on Bank of America shares.) And as I first wrote several years ago, the landslide days of bank closures are behind us. The fact remains that the US (and global) financial system is a bubble the central bankers and finance ministers are struggling to keep alive by whatever means available. The thing is, we're just now turning the corner in the first Depression of the 21st Century. Recovering to the salad days of yore will only come well after the 2020 Air Trigonalis Great Chronocrator. (To play along at home, see the FDIC website.) All of which comes as no surprise, if you've been following my forecasts. First we have to get past the financial maelstrom associated with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020. It won't bring down the global financial system all at once like a house of cards, but it will set the whole structure slipping and shaking. The early signs have already appeared, since Saturn and Pluto first got to within a few degrees apart in the spring of 2019.

I've been saying since 2010 to expect an easing of the bank failings for a time, and likewise a moderation in the unemployment rate here in the States - again, for a time. Speaking of which, the latest stats put the official US unemployment rate at 3.6%, very nearly the lowest it's been in 50 years - and obviously well below where it was before the November 2008 Saturn-Uranus opposition, which heralded the economic collapse that precipitated the first depression of this century, as predicted. That's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick: 3. 6% is well below the long term average of 5.82%. (The official 21st Century US unemployment rate bottomed out at 4.5% in September 2006, and climbed fairly steadily from then on until the peak at 10.1% in October 2009.) I figure US bank balance sheets will look fairly decent for a while - consolidating to the upside for a change, after years of Fed cultivation. See the complete version of my 2019 World Forecast Highlights for a longer range look into the future. It's available by mail ($75) or by email in standard Adobe PDF format ($50). Orders may be mailed in (see address below), or phoned in toll-free from anywhere in North America to 800-5-ASTRO-1 (800-527-8761); and charged to any major credit card. PayPal orders may be placed direct from your own PayPal account page to Ė or by using the AstroPro PayPal order page. (Details for ordering the 2020 edition are on the same page.)

Follow the astrologer on FacebookFollow the astrologer on TwitterIn closing, here's an invitation to get immediate updates (usually at least daily) on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Regulars know that Astropro gets updated at least weekly, and sometimes several times a week. Sending updates to Facebook and Twitter takes a lot less of my time - no HTML coding to worry about - so I can do it far more frequently there. If you'd like a quick take on what's happening - including what I'm doing in the markets - and it doesn't require a personal consultation, you can always find out what's on my mind (astrological and otherwise) via those two social networks. (If you missed the action and the profits on my Dow and euro shorts, share purchases etc., it's because you're not following me on Facebook and Twitter.) Please do let me know you're responding to this invitation, should you send a Facebook friend request. Thanks! I ask because I've had a few spam or phish-type requests. If you mention my website or this invitation, you qualify for a presumption of virtue. Otherwise, unless you're already a friend, a friend of a friend, or client or colleague, please don't be offended if I ask for something to put your request in context. It's really precious to have the odd bubble-headed bleach blonde offer to send pix of herself in her precious new undies if I friend her, but I really don't have time to go phish. (Invitations of this ilk come along at least once a week, so pardon my bemused skepticism.)

Incidentally, if you're already a Facebook friend, please let me know if you're interested in joining a Facebook Group I started a few years ago. It's called NolleAstro, and it's a free forum for astrological observations and discussions. It's also the first place I'll post my own astrological observations, including astrologically-based trades I'm making in real time. You don't have to join the group to get such info, because you'll see it if you're a Facebook friend - provided you're online often enough. The thing is, Facebook posts rapidly scroll off the screen, so you'll typically see only the last few dozen posts. If you're a member of the group however, you'll receive email notices about new posts to the NolleAstro Group; and in any event, checking in there makes it much easier to see what's new. (Incidentally, it's easy to turn off the automatic email feature or even leave the group altogether at any time if you wish: you're in control.)

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Collect notable charts and/or data? Then please do see the October Horoscopes of the Famous & Infamous, with dozens of historic and celebrity natal charts free for the downloading. (But don't dawdle, because the complimentary chart links there expire November 1st.) Want more? Check out the November collection, where the free chart links remain active until December 1. For still more, see the FEATURES menu, with a complete listing of all these monthly celebrity data pages: no chart freebies for the other months, but hundreds of data for the famous and infamous you can use to calculate your own charts.

If I've forgotten anything here, or if you haven't visited in a while, be sure to scan the updated contents page for a complete outline of everything on-site, or try the even more detailed site map. And if you're completely lost, try finding your way via the FAQ, or check in at the Help Center.

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