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Clients have asked me to provide an online option for ordering my annual World Forecast Highlights reports. Of course, ordering by mail or phone is always an option - see below for address and phone info - but sometimes nothing quite does it like clicking the "Buy Now" button. Another way to order directly online is to use your Vennmo or Zelle payment service. Just enter my email address - - as the payee in your order. Prior annual World Forecast Highlights back to 2019 are available on request, at the same prices as the 2022 edition. Order by mail, email or phone toll free. See below for contact details. (Excerpts from my 1997-2018 World Forecast Highlights are availale free online: see the Long Range Forecasts section near the bottom of of my sitemap page.

NOTE: The annual World Forecast Highlights for any given year is always embargoed until December 31 of the prior year, to keep the copycats at bay. No matter how far in advance you order it, your copy won't be mailed or emailed before December 31. (For example, advance orders for the 2022 World Forecast Highlights won't go out before December 31, 2021.)

2022 World Forecast Highlights

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