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last updated DEC 14, 2014

Relationships are to people what sunshine is to a garden: when it's good everything grows abundantly, and when it's bad things are either stunted or withered. There is nothing more exhilarating and deeply satisfying than a good relationship - but even in the good ones, there are times when a line from a Carlene Carter song rings true: "I love you so much I hate you."

When there are perfect people there will be perfect relationships. Until then, it's a good idea to come to grips with the points of friction and harmony between yourself and that one special person. How else can you know what to work on, what to work around, and what you can generally let alone? My own experience - 35 years into one of the best marriages I know of - is that any relationship is like a dance, in which the partners are sometimes closer together and sometimes farther apart. The closeness and the distance are a natural rhythm, like inhaling and exhaling. But sometimes you both need an extra nudge to get it back together again . . . and sometimes that nudge can come from looking at yourselves and the walls and bridges between you from an entirely fresh perspective. That's what this report offers. (In addition to charts for both people at no extra charge, each report also includes a cover letter giving my over-all take on the dynamics of the relationship.)


In 15-20 pages (sometimes more, depending on the aspects between the two charts), the relationship report interprets the interaction between two people - how they mesh and how they clash. For years I've told my clients, "Don't get involved without it." And for years they've been telling me that truer words were never spoken. I've also had old married couples tell me that their reports read like someone has been spying on them down through the years. Judge for yourself . . .



When ordering, you must provide full name and birth data (time, date and place) for both people. If birth time is unknown, a solar chart for noon will be calculated. This sacrifices a certain level of detail and accuracy, but can still provide useful insight into the games people play with each other.

It's also important to specify the sex of each person - sometimes this isn't obvious from the name alone - and the nature of the relationship (i.e. whether romantic or not). Different strokes for different folks, different reports for different relationships . . .

Orders must include complete address for delivery by mail, or email address for delivery to your computer.

If you're astrologically experienced, please remember that the standard tropical/Placidus system is used for all reports unless some other system is requested. (Feel free to specify the house system and/or zodiac of your choice if the default selection doesn't suit you.)

PAYMENT: check or money order (U.S. funds only), or major credit card authorization in advance; PayPal works fine too.



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