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last updated DEC 14, 2014

A natal report is the most fundamental kind of astrological interpretation. It describes your natal chart: your character and personality, the over-all themes and recurring patterns that set the tone for you throughout this life.

Occasionally I have people tell me they already know themselves and therefore have no interest in a natal report. I am in awe. Since, (as Goethe said) "character is destiny," and since (as Socrates said) there's no higher imperative than to "know thyself," people who already know themselves must have it made. My experience is that we occasionally get a glimpse of this kind of self-knowledge, but it always fades and needs to be renewed from time to time. That's what a natal report is for. Don't expect all the answers - just some pertinent pointers to the right questions . . .


STANDARD NATAL REPORT: 15-20 pages with my interpretation of your personality, character and life patterns. Delineates sign and house placements of all the planets, plus major aspects. (Report length varies according to the number of aspects in the person's chart.)


DELUXE NATAL REPORT:40-55 pages interpreting your personality, character and life patterns plus a brief look at significant turning points in your life. A more detailed and sophisticated delineation of sign and house placements of all the planets; plus major aspects and element/quality balance, "hot spots" in the life and much more. Includes a guide to astrological terminology. (Report length varies according to the number of aspects in the person's chart.)



When ordering, you must provide full name and birth data (time, date and place). If birth time is unknown, a solar chart for noon can be calculated. This sacrifices a certain level of detail and accuracy, but still provides a great deal of useful information.

Orders must include complete address for delivery by mail, or email address for delivery to your computer.

If you're astrologically experienced, please note that the standard tropical/Placidus system is used for all reports unless some other system is requested. (Feel free to specify the house system and/or zodiac of your choice if the default selection doesn't suit you.)

Each report includes a free copy of the natal horoscope from which the report is prepared. The birth chart features an astrological symbols guide covering planets, signs and aspects. Also included is a cover letter giving my over-all synthesis of what I see in your natal chart.

PAYMENT: check or money order (U.S. funds only), or major credit card authorization in advance; PayPal works fine too.



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