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last updated DEC 3, 2014

Forecasts are what most people come to astrologers for, at least initially. It's human nature to want a hedge against the future, and what better way than to get a sneak preview? Astrologers have done this for their clients for thousands of years.

I find it a strange and curious irony that we products of modern civilization are so alienated from ourselves and our own lives that we have to peer skyward to gain some kind of personal perspective. But it has ever been this way: you have to turn things inside out to see them for what they are. By looking out into space via the natal horoscope, we get back in touch with the self we've lost - and the destiny which awaits us.

My clients by and large have no time for irony. What they want are answers, suggestions, tips they can use to make the right moves as the future unfolds before them: What's my financial and career outlook, what how can I optimize my prospects in these areas? What health issues are likely to come up, and what's my strategy for handling them? How do I deal with the most important people in my life, and what challenges or opportunities will come up in my closest relationships? When they want answers to these and similar questions in the form of a written report they can refer to for a whole year at a stretch, this is what my clients order:


STANDARD 1-YEAR FORECAST REPORT:40-45 pages with my interpretation of the fundamental cycles at work in your life in the coming twelve months. This report interprets for you all the transits to your natal horoscope; in other words, how your own chart is activated by the planets out in space on an annual basis. Just as your natal chart is uniquely individual, so are your transit activations. (None of this twelve sizes fit all stuff!) A favorite with my clients for over a dozen years now . . .


DELUXE 1-YEAR FORECAST REPORT:This report includes so much that it has to be split into two six-month volumes, each typically 40-50 pages in length. Besides including everything you'll find in the standard forecast, the deluxe report incorporates a great deal more - eclipse activations, as well as what astrologers call progressions and directions. (Progressions and directions require an accurate birth time. This report cannot be prepared for you if your time of birth is unknown. See NOTES below.) Technicalities aside, these added techniques can pick up dynamic developments which would be overlooked in a standard, transits-only forecast. Frankly, these are techniques I incorporate when counseling clients by phone. Now you can have them at your fingertips year-round . . .



When ordering, you must provide full name and birth data (time, date and place). If birth time is unknown, a solar chart for noon can be calculated and used to provide a STANDARD forecast. This sacrifices a certain level of detail and accuracy, but still provides a great deal of useful information.

You MUST have accurate timed birth data for the DELUXE forecast, since the more advanced techniques utilized in this report are useless with an unknown birth time. (As time permits I still do an occasional rectification, which is astrologese for figuring out a person's time of birth based on information about significant people and events in the life. If you don't know when you were born and can't find out, I'll be happy to rectify your chart if I can fit it in my schedule - which I have done some three or four times a year for the last dozen years or so. Please don't take offense if I can't fit you in for a rectification right away, however.)

Orders must include complete address for delivery by mail, or email address for delivery to your computer.

If you're astrologically experienced, please remember that the standard tropical/Placidus system is used for all reports unless some other system is requested. (Feel free to specify the house system and/or zodiac of your choice if the default selection doesn't suit you.)

Each report includes a free bi-wheel chart showing your natal horoscope and transits wrapped one around the other. (A quad-wheel with progressions, directions and transits all wrapped around the natal is included with the deluxe forecast.) Also included is a cover letter giving my over-all synthesis of what I see coming up in your chart for the year ahead. Please do let me know if there are any particular issues you'd like me to pay special attention to as I study your chart and work up your forecast.

Your forecast covers a one-year period starting with the first day of the month following receipt of your order (e.g., if your order is received in December, your forecast begins January 1). If you would like your forecast to start with the first day of some other month, please let me know.

PAYMENT: check or money order (U.S. funds only), or major credit card authorization in advance; PayPal works fine too.



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