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WOW!DEC 26, 2011 - Night After Christmas Sky Show is a fine selection to end the year on, in so many ways. First and foremost, because it directs us all out into the night sky, to savor the sight of a beautiful celestial configuration: the new moon lining up with brillliant Venus in the west after sunset. Like so many others, this particular new moon has been accompanied by more than its share of newsworthy storm and seismic events, within the plus-or-minus three day geocosmic shock window surrounding the actual date of the new moon itself (December 24), as described in my December forecast. New Zealand's South Island has been rocking with earthquakes as high as magnitude 5.9, there's a big cyclone bearing down on north Australia as I write this - and there are still a few days to go in this new moon shock window. That said, if there are fair skies where you are tomorrow, the close alignment of Venus and the Moon will be a thing of beauty to behold. Definitely, catch it if you can, and redkindle that sense of celstial wonder that keeps astrology and astronomy alive - and the human spirit itself, truth be told.

Night After Christmas Sky Show is also a fine selection to end these selections on. In the 15 years since I started the Website of the Week feature, I haven't missed a week. That makes this the 800th column in the series, and a nice round number to end it on. I'll still feel free to bring up exceptional online resources as I run across them. It just won't be in this regular weekly format anymore. Be sure to check my updates and forecasts, because that's where I'll share the things I find that are just too good to keep to myself. In the meantime, this break from a 15-year weekly routine will free up extra time for research, and of course for my stock-in-trade, client consultations and reports - not to mention playing piggies with our new granddaughter, Madison Marie!

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