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WOW!DEC 6, 1999 - Planetary Alignments in 2000 is an excellent antidote for celestial hysteria and astronomical ignorance of the sort that proclaims the arrival of the Apocalypse when the planets align in May 2000. (Those of you who read my review of Richard Noone's Ice: The Ultimate Disaster in DELL HOROSCOPE back in the '80s - or saw the NOV 2, 1998 Website Of the Week Award - already have your heads screwed on straight, if you didn't beforehand.) Astronomer John Mosley of the Griffith Observatory does such a thorough and masterful job of setting the record straight with Planetary Alignments in 2000 that my best advice is to study this HUGE resource carefully yourself. For now, suffice it to say that the much ballyhooed 5/5/2000 alignment is a pale shadow of previous alignments that didn't flip the poles, send the polar ice caps crashing into the ocean, usher in the Apocalypse, etc. For example, there was the even bigger February 5, 1962 alignment: you remember the world ending in 1962, don't you? My point EXACTLY . . .

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