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WOW!NOV 2, 1998 - Harmonic Con(game)vergence just might be the cure for millennial madness, the fear that BAD THINGS will happen in the year 2000. Alas, since the 21st Century of the Gregorian calendar won't dawn until January 1, 2001, everyone living in Y2K angst will have to crank up the terror level all over again just a year after they discover they're not dead. And since the birth of Jesus is supposed to mark the dawn of our current calendar system, the fact is that our terror is already behind us. Jesus was actually born around 6 or 7 BCE, so the second millennium really dawned several years ago. See, that didn't hurt a bit, did it? The polar ice caps falling off, the Earth sliding off its axis - that would REALLY hurt. And that's what some purveyors of millennial madness say will happen around May 5, 2000 - when a loose alignment of planets will occur. The truth, as I pointed out years ago in DELL HOROSCOPE, is that this alignment is a pale shadow of past planetary line-ups that didn't do squat to the polar ice caps. And second that it can't do squat because you can crunch the numbers and prove it. Which is exactly what astronomer Philip Plait does at Harmonic Con(game)vergence.

I know, I know, it's much more fun to scare the bejeezus out of yourself contemplating the end of the world, which is why this May 5, 2000 scam is selling books and freeze-dried food hand over fist. Stop by Harmonic Con(game)vergence, and I guarantee you'll go away feeling better about the 5-5-2000 fiasco that won't happen. Good. Now you can worry about the Y2K bug, which will be a real nuisance.

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