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Change being the only constant, it's the Tao of the Web that sites move and go down. Please let me know if you run across a link here that no longer works. (You can click on the email button at the bottom of this page if you like.) Thanks!


Old Farmer's Almanac


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Biography Section



Consumer Information Center
The US federal government's GSA (Government Services Administration) site for free consumer information. Includes full text of many reports. Your tax dollars at work . . . against free enterprise outfits like CONSUMER REPORTS, that is.


Information on tipping - as in gratuities for service rendered


(See also subject-specific directories under the various subject headings in Astropro's NetSelect Directory - e.g. Astrology Section for astrology directories, etc.)


AsianNet - largest source of Asian Info on WWW


USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
Find the ZIP+4 postal code for any address in the US, plus get the scoop on the USPS' preferred address abbreviations.
USPS Postal Service Rate Calculators
Check here for rates both domestic and international.

Telephone Codes - Area, Country, Etc.

AT&T Directories
Fone Finder query form
Use this international country & area code lookup: enter the city, get the code.

White Pages

See Astropro's NetSelect Directory, White Pages Section

Yellow Pages

See Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Yellow Pages Section


FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search Service!
Free info on internships, scholarships & more
Stanford University Homepage

Encyclopedias from Electric Library
More than 17,000 articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia make this one of the better online references in its class.
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
An alphabetical encylopedic guide to the Smithsonian's online resources
FREE Internet Encyclopedia
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
An on-line encyclopedia of graphical symbols, containing more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphical characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.

Folklore, Urban Legends, Rumors
Tops in its category - check here for the straight scoop on the latest buzz.
Urban Legends & Folklore


Answering Reference Questions Using the Internet
Dialog Corporation
"The world's largest online information company"
HotSheet web quick reference -
VERY handy!
Info Service
A voluminous collection of links to search engines, FTP and Gopher sites, telephone and address directories, package tracking, date and time information, news and weather, business and finance links, dictionaries and encyclopedias, map resources and almanacs, computer virus information, software downloads, FAQs, IRC, Usenet, WWW help, ecology, science, history, art, books, games, music, magazines, live radio or camera sites, hobbies, TV and films, sports, humor, pets, travel, recreation, health, social services, food, automobiles, homes, freebies, lottery results, UFOs etc.
Over 14,000 scholarly online resources are linked & categorized here.
Information Please Home Page
The Information Please almanacs, encyclopedia & dictionary are available online here.
KD Mine: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Index
Tips, tools and techniques for 'data mining' - a how to on how to find things. RECOMMENDED if you don't know where to turn next.
LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
Search more than a billion documents - 9.5 million more added weekly.
McDonnell, John - Researcher's Toolkit
A collection of very useful links . . .
Search magazines and newspapers woldwide from here!
Relentless Research - Resources & References
Heavy on computer and Internet reference resources, but lots of general info too
Good general reference resource: language, library, geographic, financial, shipping & internet tools
Research Methods Knowledge Base
A student's salvation, a valuable resource for anyone doing research . . .
Pretty much a one-stop answer shop for most questions - and free!
Scout Report Signpost
A searchable archive of resources on the Net discovered by the Scout Report from day one. A valuable reference.
Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)
This is a HUGE resource!
Stalker's Home Page
Want info on someone? Want to know what anyone can find out about you? This website has all kinds of answers . . . maybe some you'd rather not know.
THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk
Purdue's virtual reference desk
Virtual Reference Desk
A project of the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Clearinghouse on Information and Technology and the US National Library of Education


Vocabularies: Thesaurus of Geographic Names
see also Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Science Section, Geography Heading


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, History Section


see Astropro's NetSelect Directory, Language Section
Check here for dictionaries, foreign languages, thesauri, linguistics, language education, translation, grammar & style etc.


American Library Association Home Page

On-Line Libraries

Online excerpts from some of the world's classic literature
American Library Association - Links to Library Web Resources
BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library: Home Page
This site is heavy on classic fiction, featuring 40 unabridged novels by the likes of Jane Austen ("Pride and Prejudice"), Robert Louis Stevenson ("Treasure Island"), Charles Dickens ("A Tale of Two Cities"), Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain et al. Also includes some reference works.
IPL The Internet Public Library
Library of Congress Home Page
Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
The Library of Congress' search page
Links to library and other reference resources make this a site to check if you're in pursuit of hard to find information.
Linda Hall Library
An independent research library of science, engineering, and technology
National Academy Press
This site provides full text of over 1,000 books on science and technology with 4,000 more planned. Topics include sociology, psychology, nutrition, the environment, etc.
NYPL Digital Library Collections
The New York Public Library's collection of online resources
On-line Books Page
An author-subject-title index of some 7,000 online books.
Oxford Text Archive
One of the world's best online libraries!
Perseus Project Home Page
An online classics reference library, the best of its kind in the way of a resource focused on ancient Western civilization.
Project Gutenberg Home Page
Project Gutenberg aims to put 10,000 books online by the end of 2001. As of July 1998, the collection totals some 1300 books.
Shakespeare, the Complete Works of
As it says, online and free . . . as you like it, as it were.
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

Public Libraries

New York Public Library Home Page
Home page for the NYPL, with info on branches & exhibitions, access to catalogs, etc. If you want anything from them online, however, see their entry in the On-Line Libraries section.

University Libraries

Arizona State University Libraries
Berkeley Digital Library

Yahoo! - Reference:Libraries


Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Relief maps, satellite maps, more
DeLorme's CyberRouter
Enter starting and destination points and click "Go!" to receive a Map'n'Go(r) travel plan.
Library of Congress - Panoramic Maps Collection
Map Guide!
Links to WWW map sites
Map Machine @
International address mapping - type in location, get map plus latitude, longitude and time standard!
US and European address mapping only. They make you join - it's free - to use their service. Requested maps come up very fast. In one instance the mapped location was wrong, although correctly depicted on Yahoo. However the reverse was true on a later visit. With all map services, its caveat emptor!
Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
Microsoft Expedia Maps
Locate US addresses, get driving directions, find anyplace in the world.
Get latitude/longitude info and more for non-US locations here.
Rand McNally Online
Find a street, plan a trip, etc.
USGS Mapping Information: Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Get latitude/longitude, elevation info and more from this server, plus maps. For US only . . . about 2 million entries.
Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!
Find street addresses etc., US/Canada only.
Yahoo! Maps
Find any place in the US. Just type in the address or intersection and there you are.


Math Forum Home Page
Need help with math? Check here!

Nobel Prize

Nobel Channel
Interactive multimedia presentation
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Annotated hyperlinked lists of all laureates by category


Law Enforcement

COPNet & Police Resource List


6 milliards d'Hommes / 6 billion Human Beings
A bilingual (French & English) site that's accurate, informative and even entertaining.

Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prizes presented by CJR
Lists the names of the winners and finalists, citations, pictures, cartoons, jurors and other information.


Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Creative Quotations
20,000+ quotations from 1400+ famous people, with searchable database: informative, handy & entertaining to boot!
Sad Quotes


Environmental Defense Fund Chemical Scorecard
Find chemical polluters - maybe in YOUR neighborhood
Think of this as a public safety info site: first aid, crime prevention, home security, etc.

Statistical Data, Government-Compiled

Infonation: Choose Countries
"View and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations."
International Data Base (IDB)
"A computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for all countries of the world."



10,000-Year Calendar!
A 10,000-year calendar: type in the date, find out what day of the week it is (was, will be).
Celestial Calendars
A large, one-page calendar poster combining Mayan cycles, lunar cycles, astronomy and more . . .
DigiDay: The FREE Theme Calendar Supersite
Vision X's DigiDay gives you a daily online calendar - including a feature based on the radio/TV StarDate feature, free wallpaper and more.
Holidays Around the World
Indian Moons, Days & Other Calendar Stuff
Perpetual Calendar
Enter the year and/or month for which you want a calendar, and get it online.
Roman Calendar
Click on a day, find out its traditional meaning in the Roman calendar.
Worldwide Holiday & Festival Site
A great guide to worldwide national & religious holidays


Dimension 4
Forget setting your computer's clock, do it automatically as long as you're connected to the Net with this ingenious little utility. It's freeware for Windows & NT, it's great, download it right here and then send Rob Chambers a thank you note: (For details, see the AUG 11, 1997 Astropro Website Of the Week Award.)
GMT, UT & the RGO
Just about everything you might want to know about UT (Universal Time), UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - and the differences between them. (Incidentally, RGO = Royal Greenwich Observatory - which ain't at Greenwich anymore, boys & girls!)
NIST Time & Frequency Division
The NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) home page, where with Java you can get official UTC within plus or minus 1 second - plus much more. Of course, if you're running a Windows machine and have Dimension 4 (see above), then you already HAVE the correct time from NIST.
Official U.S. Time
Click on a time zone, get the current time with atomic clock accuracy. Of course, if you're running a Windows machine and have Dimension 4 (see above), you already HAVE the correct time from NIST.
An interactive global atlas with time standards info and more (including official holidays) and a great user-definable Earth globe - you choose the center you want - showing the day/night terminus.

Trivial (?)

Aphorisms Galore!
1700+ aphorisms by 700+ authors - and growing.
What does your phone number spell? Enter 3 to 7 digits, get the answer here.
This site explores the theory that everyone on earth is connected to everyone else through a path of six people or less.
Your Favorite Wedding Toasts

Vital Statistics

National Committee on Vital & Health Statistics
A database that tells you where to write for birth, death, marriage & divorce certificates in any US state or territory.


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