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Everything you've heard about astrology is nonsense, just like those newspaper sun sign 'horoscopes' on the funny pages. (They're right where they belong!) You share your sun sign with about a half-billion other people, which is why sun signs so richly deserve their 'for entertainment only' disclaimer. Take it from a certified professional astrologer: what generally passes for astrology today is a sham.

Real astrology starts with the natal horoscope, a map of the heavens computed for the exact time, date and place of your birth. None of this 'twelve sizes fit all' stuff, this is as uniquely individual as your very own life. It's a way to understand yourself, the important people in your life, the dynamics of a relationship . . . the shape of things to come.

Whether it's a personal telephone consultation, or a report or chart by mail, fax or email, real astrology is what I do. My thousands of clients report again and again over the past 35+ years that it has opened their eyes. Try it and see for yourself.

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