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WOW!DEC 12, 2011 - Anarchism is key to the many revolutionary movements springing up around the world in the last several years. Examples include the 2009 Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East, the globally distributed "Occupy" movements, the many European general strikes protesting cuts in social spending (e.g. France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and the UK) and the Russian protests following the United Russia Party’s victory in the December elections there – which victory has been called fraudulent by many observers foreign and domestic. Historical memory being what it is, these more recent outbreaks tend to obscure the rising tide of anarchism which has been building worldwide since the 1980s. Look at the Solidarity Movement in Poland, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union; and since 2000, the many WTO and G-20 protests in world financial capitals – Seattle 1999, Toronto and Geneva 2010.

News reports and political discourse still, for the most part, short-sightedly refer to these events as protests. The truth is that this is anarchism – the 99% feeling dispossessed and attempting to bring the system down; not at all with an eye toward improving things (and generally without any notion of how that might be accomplished anyway), but simply to force a halt to the business as usual that they see as oppressing them.

Compare the history of such movements with contemporary major planet cycles, and there are some clear signs of déjà vu all over again, as Yogi says. For example, the modern term anarchist dates back to 1642, during the English Civil War, which came as Jupiter and Saturn were in the Trigonalis Transition period between the water sign Chronocrators (i.e. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions) and the fire sign series. We are currently in the midst of the transition between the earth and air sign Chronocrators, a phase which began in 1980 and ends in 2020.

There are other celestial cycles which hark back to periods of revolution and anarchy in the past. The 2008-2010 Saturn-Uranus opposition, which I have for years now been calling the hallmark of a "whiff of revolution in the air", was here back in the 1918-1920 Bolshevik years and the 1965-1967 SDS-Weathermen uproar in the States as well as the Paris and Mexico uprisings.

The long and the short of it is this: the Anarchism and unrest weeping the world in recent years will not soon be resolved, if the major planetary cycles that have timed past social movements are any indication. The current Jupiter-Saturn transition doesn’t end until 2020, for example; and the Uranus-Pluto square that heralded the nearly worldwide economic dislocation and labor strife of the 1930s (including US troops firing on the Bonus Army Marchers in Washington DC in 1932) – this same configuration is in effect from 2011 into 2016.

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