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WOW!New Gingrich: 23:45 EWT JUN 17, 1943 Harrisburg PADEC 5, 2011 - Newt Gingrich Astro Data is of interest in this US political sason, at many levels. Not the least of these is that, even if the candidates had already been decided, experience teaches that itís unlikely there would be accurate, well-documented birth data available so that astrologers could calculate, plot and analyze the natal horoscopes of the contenders. Ironically, the one candidate who has published his birth certificate is President Obama, whose birth certificate has been a topic of some controversy in certain circles for several years now. The others all have more or less questionable data, making their natal horoscopes (and forecasting based on same) questionable as well. Take GOP nomination contender New Gingrich, for example. As detailed at Newt Gingrich Astro Data, there are (at least) three citations for Mr. Gingrichís birth data. They all agree on the date and place of his birth (June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg PA), but range from "just before midnight according to his mom" to "in the middle of the night" to 3:00 AM. The chart shown here is set for 23:45 (11:45 PM EWT), an arbitrary attempt to fit the "just before midnight" citation.

Forecasting can be tricky enough starting from solid, reliable data Ė which in Mr. Gingrichís case are not yet generally available, if they can be had at all. Curiously, the 23:45 chart for the Speaker exhibits the same sign on the eastern horizon (Aquarius) as President Obama. Theyíre at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they have the same rising sign (ascendant) - if, that is, the birth data are correct. (Aye, there's the rub!)

Lacking adequate data this time around, I see no alternative but to fall back on my planetary party theory; namely that Jupiter is associated with the Republicans, and Saturn with the Democrats. Itís a theory that has helped me pick the last three Presidential election victories, after all.

I know, I know, lots of people believe it's just the reverse; mainly on the theory that the GOP is the party of the conservatives and therefore falls under the dominion of Saturn; while the Democrats are the party of the liberals and therefore align with Jupiter. Conservative and liberal are worthless labels, as far as Iím concerned Ė excuses for independent thinking and analysis. I say the Democrats are the party of fear and pessimism, the party that proclaims itself the protector of the common people - who need protection from the wealthy and powerful, of course. If that's not Saturn, nothing is.

The Republicans on the other hand are the party of hope and optimism, the party that freed the slaves and opposes big government because it takes freedom and power from individuals. If you believe that success is yours (or awaits you), youíre an optimist and you donít want government holding you back or punishing your achievement: clearly, thatís Jupiter, and thatís an essential plank of Republican ideology.

So, which way does the Jupiter-Saturn wind blow when the US Presidential Election is held on November 6, 2012? I'll let you know, when I publish my 2012 World Forecast Highlights

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