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WOW!NOV 28, 2011 - Watching the Geminid Meteor Shower is where to turn to find out where (and when) to look for the last major meteor shower of the year, which is due to kick off in a couple weeks. When conditions are right, a meteor shower is a thing of beauty; the kind of celestial phenomenon that stirs the soul. The Geminids are typically one of the better meteor showers of the year. This time around, they'll be a bit washed out by the light of the waning gibbous moon (a few days past full). Fortunately, this EarthSky guide provides ten tips to help you make the most of the 2011 Geminids. First and foremost, to my way of thinking, is the advice to get away from ambient lighting as much as possible - out into the dark countryside is best. It's also a matter of timing: December 14 and 15 are probably best, even though the peak comes on the 13th. More precisely, you're likely to see the best meteor displays early in the evening, between sunset and moonrise. Face east, in a comfy lawn chair, with a cozy blanket or sleeping bag: this is December, after all!

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