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WOW!NOV 14, 2011 - History of Money is a good backgrounder for the next few weeks, months and years, given that what we think of as money is in such a state of flux over this whole period. Surprised? If so, you haven't been reading my forecasts since the middle of the last decade. I'm always a bit reluctant to recommend a Wikipedia article, if only because I've seen too many instances of poor scholarship there - e.g., what they've done to astrology. That said, given that the money we've all been accustomed to is undergoing a transformation the likes of which very few of us have lived through from A to Z (e.g. Argentina to Zimbabwe), it's time to get a handle on what we have so long been accustomed to think of as a store of wealth. Sometimes, you just don't know what you've got 'til it's gone . . . and with so many major planetary cycles at work now (e.g. the Jupiter-Saturn opposition and Uranus-Pluto square as we muddle through the Trigonalis Dawn in effect since 1980 and not concluding until 2020), the world and all its money won't be the same game we've all taken for granted in the past. And as I've written again and again in my forecasts over the past decade, this means lots of things - one of which would be having some gold (and/or silver) on hand. I'm not saying to go all Goldfinger, I'm just saying have some real money handy.

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