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WOW! OCT 31, 2011 - The Daily Galaxy amounts to an online popular science magazine focused on astronomy and cosmology. No rigorous science here, and even a minor bit of careless editing now and again - probably due to a shorthanded staff working under huge deadline pressure, a situation I view with some understanding. Don't let the petty stuff hold you back: this is a wonderful resource to help lay readers keep a finger on the pulse of cosmic discovery. You'll be rewarded with popular, non-technical news of current and even late-breaking discoveries about the Cosmos - the kind of stuff that's guaranteed to put you even more in awe of our miraculous universe than you were before. From exoplanets to supermassive black holes and even galactic "death beams", this is the stuff of wonder - all the more wondrous because it's based on the best science our species can muster at the moment.

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