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WOW!Astro Gold iPhone screen captureSEP 26, 2011 - Astro Gold is the ultimate astrological app for the Apple iOS environment, as far as I can tell. Any astrophile with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad really owes it to him/herself to check this out. Two minutes into that process, I bought it.

True, at $29.99 a pop, it's at the expensive end of the range for iOS astrology apps. But this is from Esoteric Technologies, the Solar Fire people: it's the good stuff, the real deal.

If you're a Solar Fire user already, you know that your iOS device is incomplete without Astro Gold. Of course it's elegantly designed, beautiful, easy to use and scary smart: that's what the folks at Esoteric Technologies are known for.

You'll find lots of your favorite Solar Fire features, including the built-in Swiss Ephemeris (1200 BCE to 3000 CE) and ACS Atlas (250,000+ worldwide locations complete with time standards).

If you know Solar Fire, then you know to expect accurately-calculated, good-looking chart output. Astro Gold doesn't disappoint. For example, see the (reduced size) example here, which is a screen capture from my iPhone.

If you have Solar Fire on your PC, you can import as well as export chart files between these two applications. (I did notice that the export feature gets the charts across from iPhone to PC A-OK, except for a string of Aries symbols in the time zone and location fields: C'mon, Esoteric Technologies, you folks are WAY better than that!)

As for the unfortunates who don't have a PC or an Apple iOS device - well, I'm sorry, you can't play. This means you, Mac users (unless you're desperate enough to run a PC-emulator) and Android toters.

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