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WOW!SEP 19, 2011 - The Truth About the End of the World is one more sane, rational innoculation against the increasing craziness out there. Seriously, people: if you think the end of the world is going to save you from paying your credit card bill in January 2013, get a grip. It ain't gonna happen. And this National Geographic NewsWatch article lays some of it out for you. For example, with respect to the Mayan lunacy, Professor David Stuart gives you the straight dope in his book The Order of Days: "no Maya text, ancient, colonial, or modern ever predicted the end of time or the end of the world." What we have in all this Mayan millenialism is not the wisdom of the Maya come down to us as prophecy, but speculation (and exploitation) of the rankest variety. When the world doesn't end in 2012, what do you think these Chicken Little bozos will do then? What they always do: go on to the next gravy train. Remember the Y2K hysteria? Same deal - only that one actually had some basis in fact. Regardless, it came and went, not with a bang, but with a whimper. This one will too. But before it passes, the Apoclyptic Exploiters will smirk all the way to the bank with the loot they collect from those whom they've scared senseless. Note to Karma: keep an eye on those Chicken Littles, don't lose track of them!

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