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WOW!AUG 15, 2011 - These Earthly Matters is Jane Fraser's "Plainly Jane" blog for last Saturday's edition of The Australian. It's cheeky and cogent, and about to become quite timely. In brief, Fraser dances around the question of why "global climate change" (lately the more fashionable term for "global warming") is attributed to human-caused carbon dioxide increases in Earth's atmosphere, when a few days of volcanic eruption can produce enough CO2 to negate all the CO2 reduction people have slaved so hard to achieve over a period of several years. Carbon exchanges are wonderful ways for traders to make money off of you and I paying higher energy bills to fire up those $5 lightbulbs that we're screwing in to replace the old 50¢ incandescents, but none of this makes a whit of difference when a big volcano goes ballistic. And with three consecutive SuperMoon new moons cranking up starting in September, you can bet that even if we make it through August without a big eruption - and frankly, we're in the window now and around the end of the month - we probably won't get through the rest of the year without one.

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