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WOW!JUN 27, 2011 - Smithsonian/USGS Volcanic Activity Report is worth an occasional check-up; weekly, I suspect, since that's as often as it's updated. If you think you don't live in the shadow of one of our home planet's many volcanoes just because there isn't one in sight of your house, think again. Remember the air travel disruptions this year, caused by ash clouds from eruptions in Chile and Eritrea; or last year, due to the eruption in Iceland? It could be worse. Rather than have your flight delayed due to volcanic ash, you could have your plane crashed when the engines fail from sucking in that stuff as you fly through it. Don't fly much? Don't get complacent. Volcanic eruptions have changed history in the past, and they'll do it again. Think French Revolution and Irish Potato Famine, for example. More to the point, remember that for weeks already (and more than a week to go) we've been in a period of higher-than-normal risk for strong storms with heavy precipitation and high winds as well as moderate-to-severe earthquakes (magnitude 5 and up) and resulting tsunami plus notable seismic activity - all associated with the eclipses of June and July. (See my 2011 World Forecast Highlights for more on this - and don't forget the errata on this year's eclipses.)

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