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WOW!JUN 20, 2011 - New Tools to Stop the Hackers is a timely news item at any time in the past 30 years or so; maybe especially now, with so many headline hacks in the past couple months. Sony, Citibank, Sega and the IMF are only a few of the recent reminders that our virtual world is a virtual Wild, Wild West of hack attacks and cyber warfare; a battleground in which we are all targets. What has this to do with astrology? In the first place, doing astrology without a computer has been borderline insane at the very least since about 1980; so astrologers are even more affected by cyber-security issues than most people. And the Saturn-Uranus opposition (and the included T-Square to Pluto) has been a fine timer for the intensification of cyber-security as an issue. New Tools to Stop the Hackers states the problem well, and gives us a clue as to what's next. Unfortunately, what's next is that most individuals just don't take responsibility for their own cyber-security, and therefore end up jeapordizing not only themselves but all their friends. Get serious, people. Get your firewall and Internet security software set up. Get frequent, regular, automatic updates to your security software. Change your (strong) passwords on occasion. And get real: set your email to text-only, don't send your friends links and attachments by email, don't click on the links and attachments they send you, and be aware that the hackers are out there. Remember that Central African dictators ARE NOT falling over themselves to give you seven million dollars, and beware the sweet young Russian things who just got new undies and are dying to send you pix. Keep your spirits up, but your head down! And do this, not just for yourself, but for all your friends - who WILL be targeted from your email account when your PC is compromised because you disregarded these strictures.

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