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WOW!MAY 30, 2011 - Earthbound Comet is a perfect antidote to all the Comet Elenin/Planet Nibiru/brown dwarf craziness that's being pedaled the world over by Chicken Littles of every stripe. What is it with people who get all crazy with conspiracies and cosmic calamaties? C'mon people, it's just a comet - and not an especially outstanding one, at that. It won't wipe us out in October, it hasn't been causing a rash of earthquakes already . . . it's just a little-bitty comet, for heaven's sake. Ray Villard gives you the straight scoop, so never mind the crazed bozos going all ballistic out there. As he points out, they're the same ilk who were all hyped up over last month's SuperMoon, which I - who created and defined the term more than thirty years ago - correctly characterized in my 2011 World Forecast Highlights as the very antithesis of the global catastrophe the whack-jobs were predicting: "it won't be the case that all hell will break loose all over the world within a few days either side of the SuperMoons of 2011. For most of us, the geocosmic risk raised by SuperMoon alignments will pass with little notice in our immediate vicinity. In the grand scheme of things, we may live on a little blue marble in space; but itís still a rather roomy planet, after all." Don't give the delusionals the satisfaction of spooking you! They're as misguided as those poor deluded Rapturists who were sure the world was ending on May 21st.

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