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WOW!AstrologyLand Screen ShotAPR 25, 2011 - AstrologyLand Mobile Chart Wheel brings astrological chart calculation to the cloud, thanks to Michael Erlewine and the rest of those geniuses over at Matrix Software. As the name implies, AstrologyLand Mobile Chart Wheel is optimized for mobile devices - specifically, smart phones like Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

All the work is actually done on the server, where all the astrological calculation software resides. So your smart phone is in essence just a browser you use to enter data for whatever astrological chart you want - between the years 1900 and 2049, at any rate.

Enter the data, tap "Accept" and you get a chart in an instant, in the default (and very fine) Euro Style. (That's what you're looking at in the much-reduced iPhone screen shot shown here.) There are another four styles to choose from, including a heliocentric option. Did I mention price? No, because it's free - nothing to buy, nothing to download, nothing to update.

If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone, just bookmark AstrologyLand Mobile Chart Wheel and then bring it up on your browser anytime you want a quick and accurate chart calculation. By the way, I'm told that AstrologyLand Mobile Chart Wheel also works just fine on a PC or Mac. I only checked it on a PC and an iPhone, and can vouch for it on those two platforms.

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