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WOW!APR 4, 2011 - Sahara Wasn't Always So Hot turns "Global Warming" on its head, presenting evidence of other epochs of climate change, in which a hotter and wetter climate interlude turned out to be the forerunner of a cooling crash. The last couple of these, as pointed out in my 2010 World Forecast Highlights, coincided with the last two Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune T-Squares from Leo to Scorpio to Aquarius respectively: t wo such T-Squares, two climate crashes. Oh, and there has since been a third of these T-Squares. It just happened, in 2005-2006. But we don't have to worry, right - even though it can take a century or two for these climate crashes to take hold? The prevailing PC dogma is that our current "Global Warming" is due to greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) generated by human industrial activity. So a cold crash can't happen in our time, as all the pundits tell us. No, it's just going to get hotter and hotter. I wonder if our ancestors were fed the same PC line some 5,500 years ago, when it was hotter than now by 2-3 degrees (without benefit of industrial activity) - just before the last really big cold crash. That was approximately 5,500 years ago, so . . . not to worry. These really big crashes come along every 5,900 years or so, give or take a few centuries and barring the occasional little ones that pop up erratically - like the one following the 536 Leo Saturn T-Square to Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Aquarius. So for us, the message is clear: Après nous le déluge, right?

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