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WOW!MAR 21, 2011 - Dharma Practice Calendar is a free e-book by multi-talented planetary treasure, Michael Erlewine. This unique reference - search or scroll down to the title and download the PDF with a quick click on the PDF button - is a 150+ year (actually, 1900-2054) set of tables showing a host of daily Buddhist lunar calendar information which I'm sure will be a delight to practicing Buddhists everywhere, plus something unique and very curious: a daily index rating for something Michael calls a Tidal Force, which combines "both terrestrial and solar gravitational influence in a single indicator, incorporating the effects of the accelerated orbital motion of the moon and the closeness of the separation-interval at perigee-syzygy, the consequence of a coincident sun-Moon alignment in celestial latitude or declination, and the perturbed motion of perigee subject to increased solar gravitational force when perigee-syzygy occurs near the time of perihelion. In brief, this is the most accurate single indicator for lunar gravitational forces that are exerted on us each moment of the day and night." For each day in the 150+ years, the Dharma Practice Calendar gives a number from 0% (lowest tidal force) to 100% (highest force). "This number," explains Michael, "represents a number of solunar forces mentioned above in their somewhat complex interplay. The resulting total force creates the tides and whatever pressures and forces the Sun and Moon exert on the Earth and ourselves. This represents a scientifically calculated number that actually gives a good idea of how these combined forces wax and wane throughout the year." What does it mean, practically speaking? You've got a century and a half worth of data to explore, through history and into the future. Take a look and see what you think. (While you're at it, you're bound to find plenty more fertile ground among the many other books Michael makes available free at his Free e-books page.)

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