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WOW!JAN 10, 2011 - HAARP.NET is a timely selection, and hopefully a timely warning. From the recent exposure of the thimerosal/autism research hoax to the mass murder in Tucson AZ over the weekend, anyone who may have thought that conspiracy theories are harmless now has to sober up. Millions of children went unvaccinated because of fake research showing a link between the onset of autism following exposure to the mercury-based preservative thiomersal (aka thimerosal in the US) in childhood vaccines. How many of those unvaccinated children got sick (or even died) as a result? No one knows. People of sound mind and good conscience believed the hoax research, and quite possibly endangered their children in the belief that a conspiracy of medical experts and vaccine manufacturers were the real danger to their children's health. And in Tucson this past weekend, an unhinged young man with a gun shot dead a half-dozen people, and grievously wounded more than a dozen others (including US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords), acting out his obsession with 2012 doomsday prophecies and government mind control. The really scary thing to me is that good, decent people can see the craziness of a mass murderer like Jared Loughner (the Tucson shooter), without recognizing the craziness of the conspiracy theories and theorists that fertilize this kind of insanity. Take the Mayan Apocalypse stuff, for example; or the HAARP craziness espoused by HAARP.NET and their ilk. Mind control? HAARP.NET says the military-industrial complex is doing it with the HAARP project. Climate change? Ditto. If this isn't nuts enough for you, I don't know what could qualify. Read this stuff, so you can be innoculated against the kind of insanity that broke out in a hail of bullets in Tucson the other day . . . please.

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