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WOW!OCT 25, 2010 - Debate Over Martian Life at the Edge of the Solar System: Mystery Solved? has nothing whatsover to do with astrology . . . well, except inasumuch as astrology is based on a connection between what's out there in the cosmos and what's down here in our world and in us. A connection like, maybe, we actually originated out there in the cosmos . . . perhaps on Mars, for example. Remember the Martian meteorite, the one with the alleged billions-of-years-old extraterrestrial microbial fossils that made the news nearly fifteen years ago now? Well, it's back in the news, and the debate goes on: that's the skinny on the story. Since the question is far from settled, we're still free to wonder. Like some cosmic Johnny Appleseed playing panspermia, is life spread throughout the universe by wandering comets, meteoroids and the like? And if it is, aren't we all aliens - as much as we might be natives - or even hybrids of native and other-worldly genetic material? No wonder our horoscopes call out to us: the map of the heavens isn't just where we are now, it's where we came from. As above, so below . . .

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