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WOW!SEP 27, 2010 - John Maynard Keynes died in 1946, shortly after setting up the entire financial universe of the human species. Courtesy of Astro-Databank, here's where you can see his chart, check out his biographical thumbnail, and ponder what our world may have been like if he'd never been born. Forget the latter, come to think of it: there's been no going back since the 1930s, when he turned Quantitative Easing loose on the world; or the 1940s, when the IMF and World Bank were set up and the whole notion of gold being a "barbarous relic" was institutionalized under the aegis of the theories of John Maynard Keynes, the master of funny money and insane leveraging. Small wonder the guy was born under a Saturn-Pluto conjunction: the same planetary alignment present in the heavens when the Bank of Japan and the US Federal Reserve came into being; and the very same one that will be here in 2020, when this whole financial mess is finally behind us. (Yeah, it'll take that long.) "In the long run," Keynes opined, "we are all dead." He meant that turning debt into credit - Quantitative Easing, liquidity injection, etc. - was a long term evil we could accept in the short term, because without it we wouldn't survive to see the long term. It's a game all the central banks around the world are playing, even though lately it's just the Bank of Japan and the US Federal Reserve are hogging the spotlight. We'll see how it turns out, in the long term. (Curious how these financial genius Pied Pipers are born under strong Saturn conjunctions; like the infamous John Law, who was born under a Saturn-Uranus conjunction.)

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