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WOW!SEP 13, 2010 - Ten Notable Apocalypses is a fun site for all the poor dears who fear the world will end in December, 2012. Take a look here, you befuddled Mayan whackadoodles, and see a fine sampling of all the other ends of the world that obviously didn't happen. Unless, of course, we're living in some parallel universe, or whatever. These scary stories go back millennia, mind you - BOO! - which suggests a motto for the bozos on the Eve of Destruction bus: "Around for the end of the world since 2800 BCE." That's about the time an Assyrian scribe wrote, "There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end." (Not!) Another end of the world was prophesied by Pope Innocent III for 1284, which seems to have passed alright - unless we're all zombies in some kind of post-apocalyptic psychic embolism. How about the worldwide flood that was predicted for February 20, 1524, which was supposed to engulf the whole planet? (That's news to us Zonies, whose Grand Canyon State is sill in a drought.) Somehow or other, something went awry with the black hole that was supposed to swallow up Planet Earth when those crazy physicists and engineers cranked up the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland a couple years back. Ha - annihilation missed us again! Originally published last year by the, Ten Notable Apocalypses only scratches the surface of apocalyptic lunacy. For a more complete catalog of all the times the world has ended (or soon will, including the Mayan Madness), see A Brief History of the Apocalypse.

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