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WOW!AUG 16, 2010 - The Market Oracle offers the kind of insight into the markets and the economy that you just about can't get for free anywhere anymore. And even if you pay for it, you're not guaranteed to get any better insight than what you'll find here. (Thanks, Steve, for pointing me to this website.) If you think of economics as "the dismal science," then you're way off the mark; and you're probably stumbling around blindly in the real world, bumping into walls and falling down instead of making any sustained progress in life. (OK, whether there really is such a thing as sustained progress in life is another question entirely - and one I'll pass on for now.) There are a great many important things in this life, way more than just economics. But economics is definitely somewhere on the list of important things. The Market Oracle is a window into that whole world that eludes popular culture and yet underlies it; namely economics. We ignore it at our peril. (The argument can be made that most of us have ignored it for years, and are now in great peril for that very reason.)

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