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WOW! JUL 12, 2010 - The Saros Cycle may be the single most enlightening article I've ever read on the astrology of eclipses. (It's a .pdf file, so you'll need to have a reasonably capable browser to read it.) Author Bernadette Brady does a superb job, clearly explaining how a particular Saros series begins, unfolds, and eventually ends. The illustrations are clear and helpful. What sets The Saros Cycle apart from purely astronomical treatements of the subject - e.g. Fred Espenak's definitive Eclipses and the Saros - is Brady's distinctly astrological method of characterizing each Saros series based on a chart calculated for the moment of the first eclipse in a given series. It's a straightforward application of the astrological doctrine of nativities to the Saros Cycle, and certainly merits consideration. But there may be other ways of understanding these cycles as well. Be that as it may, Brady's Saros Cycle is a ring-pass-not to mastery of the subject.

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