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WOW!Deepwater Horizon ExplosionJUN 28, 2010 - Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is an excellent backgrounder on what may end up being the single worst environmental catastrophe in the history of the Oil Age. (So far. It gets worse from here if we don't switch to alternative energy sources as quickly as possible.) I'm getting so many queries from clients about this, and where it's headed, that I feel obliged to recommend Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill as one of the best online introductions to the subject that I've found yet. There are plenty of ancillary links to take you off on exploratory forays that'll keep you busy for hours at least. And from there, we can go on to look at the Richard Hoagland (et al.) craziness, about how a natural gas megabomb building on the ocean floor at the BP wellhead will blow up and wipe out most of life in southeastern North America - not gonna happen, never gonna happen - but the key thing is to get a handle on the basics first.

I took a stab at this earlier this month, in a Facebook Note, which includes some of the astrological and engineering dimensions of the BP blowout. It's disturbingly ghoulish, to my way of thinking, that some Chicken Littles are cranking up their media megaphones to scare the wits out of as many people as they can, with no sound basis in fact. Seriously, the damage this massive oil spill has caused to the Gulf ecosystem is awful enough in its own right, without making up craziness to terrify folks just so you can get your 15 minutes of fame.

With all due modesty, I called this thing from the start, in my 2010 World Forecast Highlights describing what to expect from the Mars Max cycle: "fires, clashes, crashes and explosions . . . a disruption in the oil and natural gas supply chain." The Deepwater Horizon explosion actually happened in one of the particular Mars Max risk periods for April, as described in my online forecast for that month: "around the 22nd when the Moon aligns with Mars." Having called the start of it, for what it's worth, here's my call for the end of it: under the aegis of the last of the current series of Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions (probably September this year or at the latest by January next), the gusher will be capped. (Don't take a relief well quick fix for granted, by the way: the Brunei blowout took 20 relief wells and 30 years to shut down the mud volcano eruption there.) The cleanup will go on for years, and the ecosystem will be decades in recovering - or longer, depending on your definition of recovery. But there is an end to this, and it doesn't include a catastrophic megatonnage natural gas explosion, tsunami etc.

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