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WOW!JUN 21, 2010 - Domenech Looks to the Stars is both timely and astrological, given that World Cup football is in full swing, and that the French team's coach uses astrology to analyze players . . . and, some say, to fire them. That's just plain nuts! (The French team seems to think so too: as I write this, they have walked out on their coach.) Let it be stipulated that there's a difference between being an astrologer and being a bigot. Well, let me qualify that: being a "Sun Sign" astrologer, as Coach Raymond Domenech appears to be, is pretty much bigotry by definition. But then of course, "Sun Signs" are just a parody of real astrology. Domenech appears to be a parody of a coach. It's said that he "had problems" with one of his Scorpio players just for being born under Scorpio. At least the coach isn't totally wacky, since he does take other things besides Sun Signs into account: "all parameters have to be considered," he says, "and I have added one by saying there is astrology involved." C'mon, Coach: "Sun Signs" and real astrology are about as different as Manchester United and the Green Bay Packers.

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