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WOW!JUN 14, 2010 - Planet Alignment Raises Fears is a peculiar news item from The Bankgok Post, reporting on a warning from one Kongpop U-yen, described as "a Thai engineer who works at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration", to the effect that a "solar eclipse due to occur on June 12" would cause "climate disruption, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions . . . including a 7.0-8.5 magnitude earthquake." The thing is, there wasn't a solar eclipse on June 12. There was however a 7.5-magnitude earthquake in the Nicobar Islands region on the 12th. Right on the earthquake, wrong on the eclipse! Curiously, my own June forecast called out an elevated moderate-to-severe earthquake risk around the time of the June 12 new moon (not a solar eclipse!), and mentioned the area of the "Indochina peninsula" as one of the zones of special vulnerability for this event. (The Nicobar Islands are just off the coast of the Indochina peninsula.)

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