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WOW!MAY 24, 2010 - Meltup is an online video presentation of the social, political and economic confluence I've been talking about in my forecasts for several years now. It's worth watching, even if you don't care for horror flicks. Because it is one helluva horror flick. I should qualify my recommendation by saying that I don't agree with nor believe in every scenario and sideline of this video presentation. But much of it is accurate, I believe - and not just because I've been writing about it for the last few years. What I have written about, if you've read my forecasts, has largely come to pass. What hasn't come to pass yet - and I've said for years that this will be an ongoing "settling of the soufflé" - can be postponed or spread out, but not prevented. (Unless, of course, you believe the same officials who fostered this mess and lied to you about it all along.) There are at this point only two fiscal alternatives: debase the currency on the one hand, or a combination of confiscatory taxes and punishing cuts in social safety nets on the other. Oh, I almost forgot, there's that third alternative so well illustrated by history, the one nobody wants to think about: war. Almost makes hyperinflation sound ducky, doesn't it? Remember - and I've been writing about this for years now too - this isn't the Apocalpyse. But it ain't a garden party either . . . What to do? See my forecasts for some suggestions. And good luck to you, to us all!

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