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WOW!APR 12, 2010 - Peter Stone Jewelry deals in silvery beauty; not the shiny beauty of the sparkling and shimmering orbs that bejewel the night sky, but hand made jewelry in a number of themes, including astrological; plus the Sun, Moon and Stars, Pagan and Wicca, Magick, Medieval and Viking, and a whole lot more. Designers include Peter Stone himself, and over a dozen more jewelry artists. I confess to admiring this jewelry from afar, in images and descriptions only; never having handled it, I'm completely ignorant of important details like weight or purity or manufacture. (From what I understand through emails back and forth with Mr. Stone, his manufacturing process in Thailand focuses on fine quality and talismanic timing.) Much of what I see at Peter Stone Jewelry is gorgeous, and I think you'll agree.

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