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WOW!JAN 3, 2011 - Solar System Information is a National Geographic production, and therefore just as slick and smooth and pretty as you might expect. It's a good primer or refresher, and as such a decent tool for getting (or renewing) a handle on the fundamentals of the local system to which our home planet belongs - the denizens of which illuminate our sky, and thus give rise to any astrology. The site is easy to use: just mouse over the portion of the solar system you want (inner or outer), and then over the planet you want (or the Sun): click on it, and you get the basics in a few paragraphs. This is stuff we should all know by way of common knowledge, granted. It informs not only our astrology - but our whole life. State of the art? Hardly. But profound at some fundamental level anyway . . . and slick, and pretty, and easy to use.

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