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WOW!FEB 8, 2010 - Kairon for iPhone is the "killer app" every iPhone-toting astrophile has been waiting for since Day One. (Day One = 6 PM local time on Friday, June 27, 2007 in the US: that's when the original iPhone first went on sale, as best I can determine.) It's precision astrological calculation software, using the easy and intuitive iPhone interface to deliver precisely calculated natal horoscopes, relationship charts (including composites), secondary progressions, solar arc directions, solar and lunar returns and more. The complete list of features will not disappoint, I assure you. (Okay, somebody can always wish for more, but in this case I think that would be just plain piggish.) Charts, once calculated, can be saved to your own personal astrological database. I have tried it, it works and I'm delighted. At $9.99 from the iTunes store, it's the right price for the right software. Just remember to start the program once, then exit and go to your iPhone Settings, then scroll down to the Kairon entry and set the program up with the features you want. (The default provides only the naked eye planets, but this is readily and permanently remedied through Settings - along with your zodiac and house system of choice and a whole lot more.) True, you won't see the individual degree-sign-minute positions of the planets and other points in a chart. That's really not practical on a screen as small as the iPhone's. But there is a tabular listing of all this information if you want it. Frankly, if you look closely, there are fine lines pointing to the exact degree of each planet in the chart as displayed; so there's really no need to clutter up an already small display. Elegant, fast and accurate, Kairon for iPhone (Version 1.2) is a mobile astrologer's best friend.

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