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WOW!DEC 28, 2009 - Top 10 Star Mysteries is a slice of heaven - ten of 'em, actually. Like the 10 billion trillion trillion carat diamond-hearted white dwarf star near the constellation Centaurus, for example. Why, that could fund the whole US for a few decades, at the rate things are going! And here's a cosmic riddle for you: what happens when two neutron stars collide at speeds of tens of thousands of miles per second? (Hint: you don't want to be anywhere near that neighborhood when it happens.) Ever wonder what a stellar ménage à trois might look like? See for yourself: it made number four on the list. The number one star mystery? No surprise there: it's the black hole, whether the garden variety or the super-massive monsters lurking in the heart of galaxies like our own Milky Way.

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