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WOW!DEC 7, 2009 - Tiger Woods Horoscope is one of those topics du jour that people obsess over for a week or three and then move on. Hoping that providing his birth certificate data and natal chart will help that process along . . . here it is. I guess we just love to gossip, as a species. Decrying in celebrities the same human foibles that we all possess makes us feel better somehow? How? Can't we just say that pride goeth before a fall, and let it go at that? Poor Tiger: thinking he can keep one woman satisfied, let alone three or six or whatever. Thanks to the folks at Astro DataBank, we can gaze upon his chart and wonder where he went wrong - thereby, going wrong ourselves, I suspect. Here's hoping that Woods, wife Elin and their two children will be able to put their lives back together . . . or just plain together, as the case may be.

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