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WOW!NOV 23, 2009 - Free Astrology Resources is a decent-size library shelf full of classic astrological texts, all zipped up and ready to download for free. These books expand into .pdf files, which require Adobe's Acrobat Reader - also a free download, if you don't already have it. (Speaking of Adobe Reader, users should cultivate the habit of clicking on the program's help tab and checking for updates regularly - for security reasons, be it noted.) The nice thing about a .pdf library is that it fits onto a hard drive you already have, and therefore doesn't intrude on your physical space or eat up a bunch of energy when you move it from place to place. Imagine that, a decent library occupying less physical space than a pack of playing cards - viz. a laptop hard drive. From Evangeline Adams to Johannes Kepler to William Lilly to Claudius Ptolemy, and even the Centiloquium of Hermes Trismegistus, this collection is the foundation of old-time astrology. Thank you, Todd Carnes, for making these available!

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