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WOW!NOV 16, 2009 - Free Considerations is something in the way of a resurrection of one of the finest contemporary astrology journals. How do contemporary and resurrection describe one and the same journal? The thing is, Considerations ceased publication in 2006, after 23 years of the finest astrology in print. It had an international circulation, and in its day was published for and written by some of the best and brightest astrologers around. If you missed it, you get a second chance: that's the resurrection part of it. Free Considerations makes the entire catalog of the journal's whole publishing run available free online. Search by author if you like; or just browse issue-by-issue from beginning to end. And as a bonus, you get Ken Gillman's unpublished book on rectification, One After Another - which is a BIG download suitable only for broadband access. (Ken's book and other content at this website require the free Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded at no charge if you don't already have it installed.)

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