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WOW!SEP 21, 2009 - Political Astrology Blog is the political junkie's astrological fix; or more likely, the astrological junkie's political fix. There are some pretty well thought-out examples of both here, and a fair amount of trivia as well; like The Astrology of the Obama Oath Controversy, for example. (To his credit, author Patrick Watson gives a nod to the 20th Amendment making the whole do-over a mere formality, and ends up concluding that the chart for noon on Inauguration Day holds sway.) Canards of that sort aside - politics being ephemeral, much of it is trivial by nature - this is a well-written and handsomely produced blog. Writers Chris Brennan and Patrick Watson aim to illuminate astrology in and through political developments of the day. (I'm told Nick Dagan Best has recently joined the staff.) "Our agenda is not partisan," they proclaim, "but astrological." If you enjoy either - astrology or the partisan fray - you'd be remiss if you didn't take a look at Political Astrology Blog.

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