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WOW!SEP 14, 2009 - Five Signs isn't quite the astrological "killer app" of the iPhone world, but it's closer to the mark than anything I've seen yet. What I want, what astrologers everywhere want and should have had many moons ago now, is an application for the iPhone that will do what several apps (e.g. AstroPocket and Delphi did for Palm smartphones years ago; namely, calculate and display a real horoscope. No, that's not synonymous with "Sun Sign" stuff. It's a circular map of the heavens showing the Sun, Moon and planets as they are at a defined moment in space and time - e.g. and most commmonly, at the time, date and place of a person's birth. Five Signs doesn't give you that, but it does give you the sign placements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars (the so-called "personal planets") for whatever time, date and place you enter. It's just $1.99 at the iTunes App Store, and it's about the best there is for iPhone and IPod, for now. Please, please, if you know of full-fledged astrological software for the iPhone, do let me know so I can help spread the word. (Thanks!)

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